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Attending the Wedding



Ran 4.05 miles, 39:07, 9:40 pace. Super slow, really hard.

I have no idea why this run was so hard for me. 4 miles isn’t usually that difficult for me to run, but we all have those days. One thing I need to remember when I run: you WILL have those days when you just cannot run fast and it feels like you are wearing lead shoes.

I DO know one problem was that I forgot to change the settings on my watch. I changed one of the windows to show time and pace for my boyfriend when we did our mile race on Thursday. So when I went for my run yesterday, I had no idea how far I had run until I would hit a 1 mile marker. Really hard to pace myself like this. I like time/distance for window 1 and pace/calories for window 2. Lesson learned.


And the winner was…


Thank you to everyone who voted! I truly loved both so I really needed the input. Gold only won by a few votes BTW!

Yesterday my family went to my mom’s cousin’s wedding at the Castlewood Country Club. The ceremony was surprisingly short but very touching. I know I’ll be a mess at my wedding cause I was fighting back tears and I barely know these people. Waterproof everything.

With Annie before the ceremony
With Annie before the ceremony

Right after the ceremony, the guests went to a bar/courtyard area for drinks and appetizers. Guess what Kyle? I ordered a big girl drink (white wine spritzer)! If you couldn’t tell by that comment, I don’t drink very often.

Since I am the oldest cousin in my immediate family, I got a lot of the “for your wedding, you should…” comments. Example sentence, wait let me set the scene. We are all standing in a long line, unknowingly waiting to sign the guest book. Ok, sample sentence: Amy, for your wedding, you should have 2 lines with 2 guest books with signage so people know why they are in line. Thanks Uncle Jeff. Actually a good idea. The whole family does not need to be in line so one person can sign the book.

My little cousin also suggested that I have a photo booth by the guest book that automatically spits out 2 pictures- one for the guests to keep and one for the guest book. Love it.

The reception was nice. Dinner was buffet style which was lucky for me (picky eater). A lot of chatting with family, photo taking, bride and groom stories, awkward old people dancing. The usual.

The outfits
The outfits

The gold shoes were cute but man they were uncomfortable. Nice try, Jessica Simpson. Try again.

4 thoughts on “Attending the Wedding

  1. I love so much about this post. Your shoe comment to Jessica Simpson was the winner though. The picture of you and Annie at the top is beautiful.

  2. Gold shoes were cute! I usually try to refrain from the “you should…” comments, but since you mentioned the wedding thing or if you are making mental notes for yours… We went to a wedding that had a photo booth (close to the bar) and a scrap book out, scissors, and fun pens for people to make their own page. So cute. The bride and groom had an instant album by the end of the night.

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