They see me rollin, I’m hatin


Jogged 3.03 miles, 28:25, 9:23 pace (9:28, 9:33, 9:10). Easy miles. Had to jog because my legs just did not want to move quickly this AM. Remember, it’s GOOD to have easy runs in your training. Running hard runs too often can lead to injury.

Yesterday my mom let me pick what we were having for dinner. So obviously I chose waffles.

Good thing I went running
Good thing I went running

Organic whole wheat waffles covered in strawberry fruit spread, egg white scramble with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, kale, and fat-free feta. Yummm. I’ll do a post later on how I make waffles healthier AND my fat-free frozen yogurt recipe (just made that for a co-worker’s birthday).


So I recently received a lovely message stating:

“I’m inspired. Today is the day I’m no longer going to use packing and moving as our excuse for excessive bad eating and lack of physical activity. Checking out gyms and yoga studios this week.”

This filled me with warms and fuzzies inside. Reading others’ blogs inspired me to train for a half marathon. I wanted to document my training to keep myself motivated/accountable, but also hoping to inspire at least 1 person. I’m a total dorkball so I didn’t think anyone would “follow” me. But mission accomplished!

To keep you going, here’s a  inspirational quote for you + my addition (aka what we’re all thinking):

“You’ll only regret the workout you don’t do” unless you get hurt. My dad ruptured his Achilles tendon many years ago playing baseball. Pretty sure he regretted that one.

But now that we’re on the topic of injuries…one huge tip for you runners- make sure you’re rolling! Like this.

Photo Jul 04, 11 40 50 AM
I kid.

But seriously, you should be rolling (and stretching). Here is a great article from Runner’s World with videos on how to roll. If you don’t have a foam roller or stick, I have used a filled metal water bottle before. It’s not as easy and it hurts A LOT more, but sometimes it’s all you got.

When I first started training for my half, I was occasionally rolling (always stretching). I asked my boyfriend if he could ask his former boss for some tips. Kyle used to work at Gamespeed, a sports performance gym for serious athletes. His boss, Aaron, was “a member of 11 U.S. national teams, a 2 time Olympic trials qualifier, a 2011 and 2007 Masters World Silver Medalist at 100 meters…and the current American record holder for the 60 meters in the 40-44 age division.” Needless to say, the guy knows his sh*t. He thoughtfully offered to analyze my gait and also told me I needed to be rolling every day. I hate rolling. But I love that it got rid of my knee and hip pain. You win Aaron. You win.

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