How to prevent strangers from checking out your granny panties

Yesterday was a “rest” day, so no workout to share.

Here are 2 great deals that I would like to share! I just ordered Road ID bracelets for Kyle, Annie, and myself. Click on the link above and use code: Tanline13 for 10% off your order (code expires 7/22/13).

Road ID

I think these are a great idea if you are running, cycling, etc. You can put 5 lines of text (on the Wrist ID Slim) – I put name and birth year, 3 emergency contacts, and known allergies. <–Great for people with severe allergies. Like my aunt who should be living in a bubble…I’m talkin to you Auntie E.

I digress. Driver’s licenses can be hard to find if you’re stashing them away in pockets. In emergencies, the faster you and your medical information are identified, the better. No awkward strangers checking your secret pelvic shorts pocket here. am I wearing granny panties today?

I'm compressin'
I’m compressin’

Another great deal to share today, PROCompression is giving you 40% off all merchandise AND free shipping with the coupon code JULY (expires 8/4). I only run my long runs in PROCompression trainer low socks. I would run all of my runs in them but I can only afford to buy them on sale, like right now!


3.04 miles, 27:18, 8:59 pace (9:11, 9:02, 8:47).

I had a hard time getting up this morning and almost didn’t go on my run (was going to go in the afternoon).

I like to sleep
I like sleeping

However, I told myself I would feel better afterwards (which I did) and that I hate running in the heat of the afternoon.

Look what my cutie sister made! My mom told me it was for someone who has to watch their sugar (perhaps a diabetic). LOVE IT. I must make one soon…maybe after I take the GRE?

I want
I want

Oh yeah, I take the GRE on Friday. I’m already planning all the things I will be doing post-brain-sucking-test. I’m definitely not as prepared as I should be. I started freaking out last week and haven’t been sleeping well since. I did talk with some friends and they helped me to remember that I can take it again (I don’t apply to graduate schools till later this fall). Still freaking out though. I asked my mom what’s a good GRE test taking nail polish color?

Photo Jul 16, 9 13 21 AM
She chose this one.

Not a good sign when you’re relying on nail polish color for luck…BTW, if you haven’t tried KIND bars, you should! I love them! I love the natural ingredients and that the ingredient’s list isn’t a novel.

Short anecdote (redundant?)- my last day of college, as I was walking home after taking my last final, KIND was handing out bars in near Upper Sproul. Awesome day. I guess it doesn’t take much to please me?

Exciting day at work. Fire alarms went off this AM. Not sure what happened but I know no one was injured.

Photo Jul 16, 9 29 14 AM

Fewf. That was a chaotic post. This is how my brain operates, pretty much daily. ooo something shiny…

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not compensated by any brands.

6 thoughts on “How to prevent strangers from checking out your granny panties

    1. I love compression socks now too…thanks Amy! They really work on my walks with Sienna! Gotta order at least another pair.

  1. Just realized that when I was running, I never carried ID. Yikes. Will look into the compression gear with hopes od future runs.

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