I want to be BFFs with Ina Garten


Rest day- light arm and ab workout.

I haven’t been hydrating as well as I normally do. At work, I usually drink a lot of water, filling up my 24 oz glass usually 5x/day or more. And then I drink more at home. BTW I have the bladder the size of a walnut, so this makes things fun. For some reason I haven’t been drinking as much water, and I could definitely tell during yesterday’s run.

Hydrating is soooo important when working out, and I have always read that if you start to feel dehydrated/thirsty when working out, it’s too late. To get my water intake back on track, I have to go back to my old ways of monitoring- check marks. I put a check mark on my white-off board at work every time I finish a glass of water. Super dorky but effective.

On to fun stuff-

Check out my new shoes

Keds from DSW
Keds from DSW

My sister says this is very Hamptons of me. I take this as a huge compliment for two reasons: 1) I love the Hamptons, although I have never been. Basically, I love how it is portrayed in TV shows/movies and realllly want to visit, and 2) I secretly want to be BFFs with Ina Garten and spend my days entertaining with her.

Back to reality- Today Kyle went to Santa Cruz for work. Even though he was there for some sort of audit, this is what I picture them doing:


When in reality they probably look like this:

The Office

Speaking of Kyle, his birthday is coming up soonish. It’s actually over a month away but I’m a planner. TIP for all you people with birthdays (wait, what?), don’t buy yourself gifts right before your birthday!

I was going to buy Kyle a Garmin bike computer, but his parents got that for him as an early present. strike 1. Then I decided to get him Sidi cycling shoes. He bought some a few days ago. strike 2. On the plus side, the 2 items that I researched (and was going to purchase) were the same models he wanted. So I guess I know him? yayyyy (sarcastic). I hope those “it’s the thought that counts” points are fun to open on your birthday babe. I kid. I have another idea, but if this one falls through I’m SOL.

I also like to make him a dessert of his choice (or buy one, but he always picks homemade). Last year, I made him these cupcakes:

Toy Story Cupcakes
I got the idea from Pinterest

The ears were sour belts that I had carved, the antennae were sour punch straws (I wanted the thinner ones but couldn’t find them), and the eyes were Mentos. A few only have 1 eye, only because I ran out.

This was a good idea at the time, but now I realize I shot myself in the foot a little bit. can you shoot yourself in the foot, “a little bit”? i think this is an all or nothing deal. But anyways, I have to top that. I know he doesn’t care, but I do. #pride

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