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Protein and Hairballs

Photo Aug 14, 9 19 27 PM
The hardest part is getting up…and who get’s up at 6:07? weirdo.


Ran 3 miles. I don’t think I stretched long enough yesterday because my legs were tighter than Mickey Rourke’s face(lift). So these were slowww miles.

My breakfast after my run:

Egg whites a grapefruit for later
Egg whites and a grapefruit for later

If those egg whites look disgusting, it’s probably because they are. Actually, they weren’t that bad, but I only seasoned them with pepper and hot sauce. Normally I love my egg whites with avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, and onion- but this is what you do when you are lazy and don’t want to chop a bunch of stuff trying to be healthy.

I’m making an effort to slightly increase my protein intake. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so most of my protein comes from plant sources. Plant-based protein is fine, but I realized I wasn’t getting enough for the amount of running and working out I do. If you aren’t familiar with the importance of protein for runners, I thought this quote from Runners World summed it up nicely:

” ‘With every footstrike, a runner carries two to seven times his or her body weight,’ says Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., R.D., who has done extensive research on the effects of protein in athletes. ‘Protein is what keeps your body healthy under all that strain.’ Adequate protein intake accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers stressed during a run. Since protein helps muscles heal faster, runners who consume the right amount are less likely to get injured. The reverse is also true, according to the authors of the ISSN paper: Athletes who get insufficient amounts of protein are at a higher risk of injury.”


Today, *pause for dramatic effect* is a sad day. I just used my last tea bag of Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea. dramatic much?

It must be good if a polar bear is on the box.
It must be good if a polar bear is on the box.

I probably have to wait until November/December for more of this stuff. And yes I drank tea this summer morning. I get cold when I go to work with wet hair.

Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I give my kitty Vaseline because of her hairballs- and she loves it. Here’s my proof:

She doesn't normally look this cray cray
She doesn’t normally look this cray cray

See, no force feeding up in here.

Happy Thursday! Just one more day until the weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Protein and Hairballs

  1. My legs were LEAD this morning, too. Something in the air, I guess. I thought they’d be GREAT after my yoga class yesterday, but maybe I pushed some poses too far? Oh well!
    PS: that picture of your cat is ADORABLE. Why are furballs so photogenic?

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