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Weekly workout and birthday recaps!

This week’s WORKOUT recap (FYI each day also included the 30 day thigh challenge workout):


Stretch and strength training. Nothing that exciting.


Jogged 3 miles. Supposed to be at an easy pace, however I had to speed up towards the end because the sun had set. When people cannot see how mismatched your running clothes are, it’s too dark to be running without a flashlight.


Ran 8x400m repeats on a treadmill that wasn’t made before I was born. It was so nice.

Man I wish those Calories were accurate
Man I wish those Calories were accurate

I looked at my training schedule, and that was the last of those repeats for this half marathon training cycle. #winning

running gear legs


Supposed to jog 3 miles at an easy pace. HOWEVER it was my mom’s birthday, and if that’s not an excuse to miss a workout, I don’t know what is. I might do this on Friday (my normal rest day), but I might not. I have a long run scheduled for Saturday and a pace run scheduled for Sunday, so I think my legs might want the rest day.


On to my mom’s birthday recap!

My mom really needed a small purse that she could bring to work along with her work bag. She runs a lot of errands at lunch and had been carrying around an ugly free canvas tote she got from CVS…

So my sister and I got her this

longchamp purse

It looks like this when it’s not folded up

From Nordstrom
From Nordstrom

Nordstrom wrapped it up all nice and perty like this for me

nordstrom present

But of course I had to throw her off and rewrap it in this

wrapped present

From my dad, my mom got sunglasses and this

Do you get how my family works yet?
Do you get how my family works yet?

For dinner, we met up with Kyle and went to Santorini. Unfortunately just a restaurant, not the island.

santorini greek food

I got the chicken kabobs. So yummy.
I got the chicken kabobs. So yummy.

I gave Kyle most of my rice, so of course I looked like the pig who ate faster (and more) than her boyfriend…

And for dessert my mom wanted a Mocha Cream Cake.

mocha cream cake birthday
I heard it was good. I ate no sugar added Dutch apple pie with my dad.

What was the best workout you had this week?

Do you do anything when wrapping presents to throw off the recipient? Give me tips 😉

9 thoughts on “Weekly workout and birthday recaps!

  1. I had two great workouts this week – a quick 3k with Hilary in tow and Zumba last night – feeling good today!
    We did a poem for my brother/sister-in-law (he was in Afghanistan but home on leave). My husband wrote a poem to announce our first pregnancy and we taped it to a gift card / in a bigger gift card box. They thought it was just a gift card …. but it was a niece (months later).

  2. Haha, glad you have the broom option.
    One Christmas my dad and sis made a fake gift certificate for a fake tattoo parlor. I think it was called Insane Clown Tattoos. It was made out to my mom for SEVERAL hundred dollars. And it said “No refunds” very clearly. She. Was. Not. Amused. She fell for it hard, and got so very angry. We all had a good laugh (except my mom, she’s still mad all these years later). Your fam might get along with mine.

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