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Quick shopping trip and delicious pizza

So I missed my 3 mile run on Thursday because it was my mom’s birthday (not complaining, just stating a fact). I thought about doing that run on Friday (my normal rest day), but this is how my day went:

Got to work around 7. Did worky things.

Lunch around 12:30 because I was busy and forgot. Didn’t run then because I was working on grad school apps.

There's salmon somewhere in there
The usual salad for lunch. This one had a little tuna in it.

Worked late (accidentally) until after 5. I was helping out with a University tour of our site and they were very behind schedule.

Went on a very quick shopping trip with my mom. A bunch of stores are having Veterans’ Day Sales, so you really can’t afford not to shop 😉

Kind of loving this new sweatshirt
Kind of loving this new sweatshirt

Got it at Banana Republic for ~$24!

I also found my sister’s birthday present, which I unfortunately cannot share because I force her to she reads my blog.

After our quick shopping detour, I went to Kyle’s for dinner.

Delicious cheese pizza with fresh arugula on top
Delicious cheese pizza with fresh arugula on top. Can you see the pizza?

The rest of the night was spent with Kyle, snuggling on the couch, pizza burps and all.

Off to run my 10 miles! Oh and then my 30 day thigh challenge workout!

30 day thigh challenge

And later: bagels and a movie!

What’s your favorite pizza? A good margherita!

Saturday plans?

7 thoughts on “Quick shopping trip and delicious pizza

  1. I like the junkiest kinds of pizza, like Chicago style stuffed pizzas or stuffed crust pizzas. Anything with meat. My ultimate classic favorite, though, is just Canadian bacon & pineapple. I’m a pan-crust kind of girl.

    This weekend is all family time with the in-laws. It’s been a while so it should be a lot of fun!

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