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Our Story

As today is Kyle and my 5 year (dating) anniversary, we will be off frolicking around Disneyland. i’m just going to assume that kyle would like me to note, there will be no frolicking on his part, only manly strolling.

I realized most of you don’t know our story, so here ya go (P.S. you might need your reading glasses for this one. And if you don’t currently need reading glasses, you might after this post):

Kyle and I met our senior year of high school in econ, Mr. Blandino’s class to be exact. We actually had government together the previous semester, but didn’t know each other. We ended up on the same team for a huge group project and became friendly.

That summer we hung out a lot and ended up at the same college where we became best buds. We took a lot of the same GE classes and ended up studying together, mostly for all 3 levels of Calculus.

All my girl friends (mostly my BFF Bianca) told me that Kyle and I should be dating. I thought they were ridiculous but they planted a stupid (at the time) seed in my head. I knew he was/is cute, but I was also super awkward and just knew he didn’t like me that way. So IΒ suppressedΒ that little crush like a pair of spanx on love handles. Problem solved.

It actually did work and I only saw him as a friend for a while.

Fast forward to fall of 2008 (we graduated in 2007). Well, those spanx busted open and I started to like Kyle. This time more that just a little he’s-cute-crush. We hung out together every. single. weekend. plus studied at least once a week together. I guess the saying is true- boys and girls cannot just be friends πŸ˜‰

In my infinite wisdom, I again knew that there was no way that Kyle liked me. I kept trying to suffocate those feelings, which was hard because Kyle was acting slightly different around me. I just assumed he liked some other girl. <– I’m really smart

I just recently found out that Kyle had started to like me before August of 2008- which makes me smile. For some reason I like to know that he actually liked me…yeah. i know i’m weird.

Back to the story. Fast forward again to December of 2008. It had snowed on Mt. Diablo, a local mountain/state park only 10-15 minutes from our houses. I was leaving soon for Montreal, so Kyle asked if I wanted to go up to the summit. I was so in.

We drove up to one of the stations mid-way, and then hiked up the rest. We took a bunch of photos and explored a bit. This was one of the first times we had ever taken photos together. Actually, this was one of the first times we had touched hands. Gasp. yes, we’re awkward.

It was pretty slippery in some areas so Kyle kept offering to hold my hand and help me walk. <– Again, I’m super smart and didn’t think anything of this.

mt. diablo

Fast forward to after my trip to Montreal and New Years. Kyle and I were still on winter break. He had been looking for a new pair of jeans, and like any guy, did not want to go clothes shopping. I offered to help him because I knew of a couple sales.

We had no luck, but on the way back home, he pulled off into a big local business park. He had been wanting to teach me to drive stick, but I’m stubborn and a fraidy-cat. We got to the parking lot and I argued with him about not wanting to break his car, hit a pedestrian, or crash into another vehicle.

He caved in and we went back to my house until it was time to meet up with our friend, Mike. We drove over to the BART station (kind of like a mini version of the subway for the bay area) to pick him up.

On the way, Kyle started acting weird and started up a conversation. He eventually asked me out. The conversation went something like this:

K: So, uhh. I’d be willing to, like, go out. I leave it up to you. (<–why I wasn’t convinced for a while that he actually liked me)

A: Yeah. Yeah!

*awkward silence until we picked up Mike*

Fast forward to 2 days later. After Kyle and I finished hanging out at his house. He walked me to my car.

K: So uhh, about that question I asked you a couple days ago…So umm what do you think?

A: OMG I said yes. I’m so sorry (*as I LOL*).

Somehow he didn’t think I was saying “yeah” to his question…we’re awkward people

We went on our first date, 2 days after he had to re-ask me out. It was awkward but fun. It’s very weird switching from BFF’s to BF/GF.

And here we are, 5Β 6 years later. Stronger than ever. Happier than ever. At least I am πŸ˜‰

28 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. I love this story! “I’ll leave it up to you” hahahahaha. So awkward. Obviously he was crushing hard by how hard he had to work hard to win you over. 5 years later looks like it was well worth the effort πŸ˜‰ Have fun at Disney!

  2. Like Bianca, and anyone who knows you both, I was pretty sure you would end up together too. It’s better though to develop a nice friendship which is an amazing foundation for a strong/healthy relationship. As Mama Linda says, “we love you both” too . . . Enjoy Disneyland! (I remember being in Disneyland five years ago after Christmas while you house sat . . . at that point I was sure this was inevitable). BTW, Kyle has been known to frolic, he just keeps it on the down low.

  3. Tehehehehehehhe I LOVE hearing your story! Apparently I am a big girl now because so many of my friends are in serious relationships. I miss hearing stories about butterflys and crushes!
    I just assumed you had been dating since high school, but your story is so stinkin sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!

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