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Things you didn’t know about me Thursday

You know those articles in the trashy magazines (that I love), that list the “things you don’t know about me” for celebrities?

Since most of you don’t know me in real life, I thought it would be fun to do the same!

1. When I buy or get fresh bread (at a restaurant), I always smell it. I don’t even notice it anymore. Honestly, I don’t even know if Kyle notices it anymore. It’s a reflex.

bread italy
Bread in Italy

2. I love painting, or any art project really. Here’s a few paintings I’ve done. I’m lacking in the creativity department so these are all copies of real paintings/prints. I don’t sell them so I think I’m safe…right??



3. Kyle’s mom (Kyle is my boyfriend, for those of you new readers), helped deliver me. Yup. You read that right. Kyle and I met in high school. Our families (who didn’t know each other) both moved from Fremont to our current towns. Oh and if I was a boy, my mom wanted to name me Kyle. Any believers in fate? Anyone?

4. I can’t be the first one in my group to use the bathroom on an airplane. By that, I mean that I always send someone else to go first. Airplanes in general give me anxiety, but bathrooms with that open hole to hell, scares the crap out of me (pun intended).

5. My goal in life is to have a dog bigger than me. Dream big. But seriously, I’m a sucker for a huge dog. This task shouldn’t be too difficult. I mean, I only outweigh my lab by ~30 lbs. And labs are generally smaller dogs in my opinion.

running sienna

6. I used to eat broccoli for dessert. Yup. Like at family get-togethers or dinners, if we had broccoli with dinner, I’d ask for more of that when everyone else was eating cake or ice cream or whatnot. Now you’ll believe me when I say I’m weird.

7. I had typical silky smooth, straight Asian hair until around 5th grade. Then it started getting coarser and coarser until it turned curly. There were days I wanted to shave my head. I didn’t know how to style it and so I only wore it up until college.

annie babybic bands christmas

So there ya have it!Β Your turn!

Tell me something random about you πŸ™‚

48 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know about me Thursday

  1. That cafΓ© painting with the two ladies is beautiful! If you were selling I would defiantly buy that one πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome paintings! I have no artistic talent when it comes to painting/drawing. Something random about me is that I love running when snow is falling and hate running when it is above 70 degrees. I overheat way too easily!

  3. OK – just a heads up – putting in an early Mother’s Day or whatever gift request. The little 8×10 paintings I have from both you and Annie (elementary school I believe?) need company…and yes, the photos you did of NY are great but I need a painting! Now the challenge…what to paint?

  4. You know I LOVE your hair. You have what I call “Victoria’s Secret Angel” hair and I’m 1000% jealous. My dream dog is a Great Dane. I would get one in a heartbeat but I read somewhere that you shouldn’t get a dog you can’t physically carry in case of emergency (yeah,yeah. being responsible is overrated). I guess that’s have to wait until I work on my guns πŸ™‚ Something random about me is that I was in a sorority. People are shocked when they hear that. I definitely did not fit that mold and ended up pretty much black listed after I failed to conform. Ha ha.

    1. Gawww thanks love. That’s the best compliment cause that’ll be the closest I ever get to becoming a VS angel hahaha. OMG my dream dog was a Great Dane too (until I realized how much it would suck to have a dog with such a short life expectancy)! My mom never let me have one though…LOL I’ve never read that about a dog, but I guess it makes sense. But wait, does that mean we can’t have a partner we cannot carry? More proof that I’m a weirdo- Kyle and I play this game we call Fire Drill where we pretend to pass out on each other (we’re both sitting) and we essentially play dead. The other person has to get up and move the other person hahaha. This game is much easier for him… And WHAT?! I NEVER would have guessed you were in a sorority lol! I guess that’s unfair to stereotype, but still wouldn’t have guessed that.

  5. Okay wait, people buy bread WITHOUT smelling it?
    My mom and step dad use to make homemade bread and the scent of it filling the house was one of the most comforting smells I know. ❀

    1. LOL this made me feel better. Now I’m NOT a weirdo for smelling bread all the time (because apparently that’s common), I’m just a weirdo for eating broccoli for dessert πŸ˜‰ Aww man, homemade bread sounds lovely. I might have to try soon πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, you are a very talented painter!!! I love that Kyle’s mom helped deliver you and that you would have been name Kyle if you were a boy. If I was a boy, I would have been called Patrick.
    There is this one restaurant that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS order the same thing – and yes it includes bread…that I smell too πŸ™‚

  7. You painted those? They are beautiful! My favorite is the one with the two women with the color blocking effect. Your hair is gorgeous, you are so lucky that it decided to go curly! I wonder how that happened? My hair is super straight and baby-fine yet somehow there is a lot of it. Don’t know if that’s the same as Asian hair, not sure if that comes from my Hawaiian side or not.

    1. Aww thank you so much for both compliments!! Haha I used to hate that my hair decided to change, but now I like that it’s different (not many Asians have my hair type). We never like being different when we’re young πŸ˜‰ Oooo you’re part Hawaiian?? I had wondered because of your name.

    1. LOL I AM a weirdo! HAHA yes, that’s a joke that has been made several times. Kyle’s mama saw me naked and held me before my own mama.YES! I think they’re awesome but not sure how they’d be around kids…but so cool!

      1. We always see them at the Irish Festival here in March and they seem more interested in sleeping than anything else. They must be tired from having to carry around their giant bodies all the time!

    1. Haha thank you!
      1. Really?!! I’m jealous. I cannot whistle, unless you count spitting and the sound of air as whistling πŸ˜‰
      2. Haha!! Soft pretzels or the hard ones that you buy from the grocery store?
      3. Neither can I!!! My little cousin loves them and I don’t know how she does it! I have trouble with certain shows that get really dark!

    1. Aww you’re too sweet! Haha you’re tellin’ me! I was like WTF is going on with my hair!! I thought hair changed when we were babies! LOL yeah…plenty of family has told me that I’m a weirdo because of the broccoli thing πŸ˜‰

  8. Love this post! I could comment on every single item but I won’t because that’s annoying haha.

    Ummmm it would be a crime NOT to smell freshly baked bread! Baking yeast bread on a Sunday is my favorite thing in the world. You cannot have a bad day when you house smells like rising bread!

    Holy cow! I am so impressed by your artistic skills, those are awesome!

    And fate? There is no other word for that πŸ™‚

    1. LOL thank you!! I’m so glad that I found out it is NOT weird to smell your bread. Ever. I really want to bake fresh bread now because that sounds amazing! I haven’t done it in many years!

      Haha and thank you so much!

      I know, it was crazy weird when we started to discover all these weird things about when I was born…but I took it as fate πŸ™‚

  9. What a fun post. Your paintings are great! I hope to see you do more.
    You’re very talented. And your hair is beautiful. Way back when, I paid big bucks to perm my super straight hair to look like yours! Ok, something random about me… I don’t like to wear socks that has a big seam across the toes and will wear my socks inside out to avoid the seam rubbing on my toes. And I have to have the sheets/blankets loose around my feet, don’t like my feet trapped when I sleep. BTW, that T-shirt you are wearing in the pic of you and Annie looks like something I would paint when I used to do T-shirt painting!

    1. Thank you!! I will definitely paint more. It’s a great release. Lol my mom used to tell me about all the perms back then when I hated my hair and wanted to shave my head. I told her she was crazy and no one would pay for my hair…why do we always find out that our parents were right about everything…

      OMG I hope my dad reads your sock comment! When I was little I hated that too (I called them “flumpies”). I would scream when my parents would put my shoes on if I felt flumpies, so my dad used to rub my feet really fast till they were numb and quickly put my shoes on haha. Not high maintenance at all…

      I wonder if you did paint that shirt?? I’ll ask my mom!

  10. You’re really talented! Your paintings are great! I wish I could draw, let alone paint! Have you seen Newfoundland dogs? Oh I’d love one, they’re like bears!

  11. 1. I’m scared of escalators and I always think they will suck my feet into them
    2. I never need an alarm even when I’m taking a 5 am flight; I just wake up at the right time
    3. I talk to my cats all the time about what I’m doing.

    1. 1. Haha it’s a valid fear! I always freak out inside a little when I get on and get off of an escalator.
      2. WHAT?! So jealous! Pretty amazing talent right there if you ask me.
      3. LOL glad I’m not the only one πŸ˜‰

  12. Great paintings.
    1. I love to paint but haven’t done canvas paintings in years. Maybe you will inspire me to paint again. πŸ™‚
    2. I don’t like to go to the theater to see movies. I hydrate a lot and usually can’t sit to long without running to the bathroom, plus I’m cheap!
    3. On beautiful days I dream about being independently wealthy so I could not work and just go run!
    4. My cats are our kids now that our youngest has gone off to college. We take more pics of them than anything or anyone else.

    Could only think of 4 but great idea!

  13. You are a very talented painting! Those look amazing! That is pretty crazy about your boyfriend. My boyfriend and I started dating in college, but had lived in the same neighborhood for years and never hung out! I guess it took college to bring us together!

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