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All I do is eat.

I took this whole 3-day weekend thing to heart and kind of neglected my blogging. Woops.

Since I was gone, here’s part of my weekend recap!

Friday at work, we had a party to celebrate a company milestone. My table took eating and drinking seriously.

work party

A buttload of sparkling wine to toast.


And to undo my naughty lunch, I went for a quick run after work. Luckily I got home before the sun set.

iron horse trail

And guess what?? My running legs are back!


Ran 3 miles (9:03, 8:44, 8:04)

After weeks of trying to run quickly, but not moving faster than an old man with his walker, my legs are finally ready! I think my legs just needed some rest. I had 2 fast (for me) runs this weekend, plus an intentionally slow run.

Saturday WORKOUT:

Ran 5.69 miles, 8:57 pace (yes, stopping at 0.69 miles was hard for this type A girl).

garmin run

And then some errands and lunch with Kyle- one of his faves, Mongolian BBQ. This is actually meal #2 of 3 for me. They give you so much food there that it usually lasts me 3 separate meals.

mongolian BBQ

After lunch, we went to see American Hustle with Kyle’s parents.

Don’t worry, we took this before the previews had even started. I HATE when people have their phones out during the movies. HATE.

movies amy and kyle

P.S. It’s pretty funny to watch people (*cough* us *cough*) open sparkling waters that were shoved into a backpack. Glad sparkling water isn’t sticky.

After the movies, we all went to dinner at Santorini.

santorini greek food

And Kyle and I got frozen yogurt later…man. All we do is eat…

frozen yogurt
Key lime and strawberry. A. Maze. Ing.

More of my weekend update to come!

Have you ever lost your running legs?

What’d you do this weekend?!!! Catch me up!

23 thoughts on “All I do is eat.

  1. Losing your running mojo sucks! But you came back in full force. 8:04’s are basically Olympian status as far as I’m concerned. I’m impressed/jealous/inspired 🙂 Your blog can wait. Sometimes you need to unplug. Looks like a fun weekend!

    1. LOL thank you! If I were in the Olympics, they’d need to increase the runners’ on-air time by like 2 hours just for me. Everyone would be done with the medal ceremony and on to their post-race meals hahaha. Unplugging felt so good!

  2. Losing your running legs is the worst! I am still trying to get mine back! They have been lost since my half a month and a half ago. I hurt my foot and had to take some time off, and now trying to come back is whomp whomp…

    Our weekend was awesome! We were super productive and got a ton done which helped because now I am snowed in!

  3. Stop before you eat all the food!
    I went for a 3 miler one week after finishing the Dopey, but the legs didn’t feel quite right, so taking a few more days off. I want them springy!

  4. Ugh, I also HATE it when people take out their phones at the movies too! I always give people the ‘death stare’…probably so much so that lasers start coming out of my eyes, haha.

  5. 1. Way to go on getting your speedy legs back! Negative splits on Friday is definitely a win 🙂 2. Santorini looks amazingggg I want/need that food on my table tonight

      1. I’m always willing to take one for the team when it comes to garlic. Gross/funny story, I cooked with fresh garlic one night last week and when I went to hot yoga the next morning I could smell it coming off of me…so disgusting and embarrassing ha

  6. Eat, Eat, Eat, story o fmy life… and I like it 🙂

    Yeyyyy for your running legs being back! Isn’t it funny how we all go through phases like that?

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