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Why haven’t I made bread from scratch sooner?

More of my weekend update.

Sunday was a lazy day. At least it was for these crazy kids.

[Instagram] I like how the 10 lb cat has the 80 lb dog wrapped around her little finger
[Instagram] I like how the 9 lb cat kicks the ~80 lb dog off of her (dog) bed. Don’t worry, we usually move the cat…
While they were napping, I went for a nice and easy run. Had to prepare my body for a few hours of sitting and watching football.

garmin run

After football, my mom and I went for a light dinner. We split a couple rolls and a salad.


And then we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients to bake bread!

I also bought a few flavored yogurts for dessert. I find that flavored yogurt and yogurt with fruit in them have too much added sugar. However, it makes a nice, light dessert. I also like to freeze them πŸ™‚


On Monday, I baked some fresh bread after taking Cori and Anne’s advice.

Lemme correct that. I baked bread twice.

whole wheat bread

We didn’t click the bread pan into the machine all the way…

Attempt #2- Success

whole wheat bread whole wheat bread

It tastes so freaking good. I don’t know why I haven’t made bread from scratch sooner. I should bake this every day. And then gain 50 lbs.

Do you have any go-to light desserts?

Have you ever made fresh bread?

37 thoughts on “Why haven’t I made bread from scratch sooner?

  1. ok, what the hell happened to the first loaf? It looks like a pinterest fail. The second one looks much better! I would demolish an entire loaf of fresh, warm bread, so probably not going to give baking bread a shot. My pup does the same thing, except there’s no cat kicking him out of bed. He hangs off the side just because he’s a weirdo πŸ™‚

    1. LOL the first loaf…we didn’t push the pan into the bread maker all the way, so when the rotor was supposed to be spinning to mix the bread, it just sat there. LOL he just sits next to his bed?? Dorkball. My dog does that in the summer sometimes. She would rather be on the cool hardwood than on her warm bed.

  2. I bake fresh bread a lot but not in a bread machine. You can make awesome loaves in stoneware pots (like le crueset). I use the Jim Lahey recipes and they’re crazy easy but taste so fancy πŸ™‚ and I’m totally dying for some sushi, though I’m not sure I could ever limit myself to just one roll. I like to go hard when I go out for sushi πŸ˜‰

    1. OMG that’s a brilliant idea!! I’m definitely going to try to make bread in stoneware! Then I can bake 2 types of bread at once haha. LOL oh this was a weird sushi date. I usually prefer to stuff my face. But I was being good since my mom wasn’t super hungry…

    1. Haha that’s how I get with most “projects.” I’ll get really into making soups or desserts or whatever, but after a little bit I’m tired of it.

      Gawww this is so sweet! Thank you! Can’t wait to do it πŸ™‚

  3. The bread looks great! Send some over my way! I am trying to cut back on my flavored yogurts. I am hooked on nonfat greek yogurt and adding some berries!

  4. Hahahah Yesssss to the bread! I am super duper impressed by your tenacity, you didn’t give up!
    Mmmmm that sushi looks delish! I have had sushi twice this week and it makes me so so happy!

      1. OMG my mom has saved me from burning down the kitchen multiple times out of frustration haha (Not really, but a failed cake is a very depressing thing :))

  5. The sushi looks super delish.
    I’ve been making gluten free breads with garbanzo bean flour. It’s really yummy. Comes out nice and soft so its bit awkward to eat it like a sandwich unless you toast it first Also, you can make your own yoghurt, super easy too and much cheaper. Try it!

  6. Fresh bread is sooooo good, especially when it’s still warm. I used to make an Italian bread in my mom’s bread maker which was really good. Potato rosemary is my favorite flavor, though.
    That is so true about flavored yogurts. So many of them have 20 grams of sugar in them! I’ve found several with around 6-7 which is much more reasonable. Have you tried making frozen yogurt drops, where you put drops of flavored yogurt on a cookie sheet and stick it in the freezer? Those are a fun little dessert.

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