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Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- in award form

Man, you ignore blogging from Friday through Monday and you feel like you were in a coma for a month. Is it weird that I feel like I have to read every single post? I won’t be satisfied until those posts are grayed out on Bloglovin.

Anyways, I was nominated for a couple of awards by 2 super sweet ladies! Thank you so much Anna and Ashley! I really appreciate the shout out!

Anna of Piper’s Run nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award– and I’m all about sisterhood. And awards 😉


And Ashley of One Dreamy Mess nominated me for the Liebster Award.


Instead of doing 2 posts, I decided to combine the questions and continue with my “Things you didn’t know about me Thursday” tradition. And by tradition, I mean the thing I started last week…

Here ya go!

Questions (a few taken from each post):

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
Reading running blogs actually inspired me to start training for my first half marathon. After a bad car accident, my doctor told me I probably couldn’t run or I’d risk blowing my back out. Reading others’ stories about overcoming injuries and other obstacles inspired me. I changed the way I ran to avoid back pain. I started my blog to keep myself accountable and to hopefully inspire others.

sj rnr

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?
LOVE me some sparkling water. That or Nuun 😉


3. What is one skill that you have always wanted to learn?
I’ve always wanted to be able to sing. I don’t know much about it, but I have a feeling it’s one of those things where you have to have a certain level of talent first. You can probably only teach a tone-deaf person so much…

4. Favorite Pattern?
Probably stripes? I swear, if I buy one more striped shirt, my sis will kill me and then set my clothes on fire.

Ironically that is her shirt
Ironically that is her shirt

5. What was your favorite class in high school?
Français, bien sûr !

6. Favorite Animal?
Penguin of course. This is no surprise to most of you though.

penguin onesie

That being said, I love all of my pets. And I should also let you know that I wanted a kangaroo so badly when I was younger that I looked up the legalities for California and was prepared to make a PowerPoint to convince my parents why it would work. totally normal

I really hate choosing blogs because I feel like it’s picking teams in PE class. BUT I do love that these awards are trying to support newer/smaller blogs. So please don’t hate me if I didn’t add you- if I read your blog, I love it 😉

Candy Crazed Run– Super speedy, super funny. Also, the person who should make all my frozen yogurt decisions.

Flake and Cake– Adorable and such a sweetheart.

The Mile Report– Another super speedy, super funny lady 🙂

Running in Scrubs– We need to just watch TV together so we can discuss. I’m always behind…but this girl is cute as a button and saves lives.

Damn Ten Pounds– If we looked alike, I’d swear we were related. My sarcastic other half.

Your turn!

Answer one (or all) of these questions, or tell me something random about yourself!

27 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- in award form

  1. Something random…I was thinking about this this morning (and will blog about it next week), but in high school, I used to compete in hip hop dance contests around the Eastern US. Yes, yes I did.

  2. Hmmm something random…there’s just so much! I once ate a 2lb bag of sour patch kids (don’t judge, haha) and literally ruined all my taste buds. My tongue went numb and I couldn’t taste anything for like 6 days.

  3. I was inspired by other bloggers too! I remember I used to say I will never run a half or full marathon that’s just too much. Then I read all these bloggers and was so motivated. Now thanks to them I’m contemplating a mini triathlon :-O

  4. Ahhh thanks for the shout out, girlfriend! With your wicked sarcasm and wit, I knew I loved you immediately. One of these days my smart ass needs to meet your smart ass. We can be asses together 🙂 Hmmm, something random… when I was learning how to write, I didn’t know the difference between n’s and h’s so I have “Kristiha” written on all my shit. God, 1st graders are so stupid! This is my second award in a week, so I’m going to try and get this fun little survey up soon. xo

    1. LOL thanks smart-ass-sister! We will def meet up one day!! HAHA that’s adorable! My sister used to reverse letters- she would spell words backwards like cat –> tac, but also reverse the orientation of the actual letters haha. She also told my parents that she didn’t need to learn how to read because she had mommy, daddy, and Amy to read for her. It’s a miracle she’s in college 😉

  5. So happy I stumbled upon your blog!

    First things first, I’m absolutely terrified of kangaroos – just had to throw that our there. But I loved taking French too and 90% of my outfits are stripes so I guess we can agree on that 😉

    1. Aww thank you! LOL I’ve actually heard kangaroos can be pretty mean, so I don’t blame you. I still have a huge fascination with them and want one though… so glad you love French and stripes! They really are the best 😉

  6. Thanks for the shout out lady, you are too sweet 🙂 Definitely made my day after being sleep deprived from working last night! Something random…when I was cheerleader in high school I was dropped at my first football game and broke my elbow and when they casted it the only options were black and glow in the dark…so obviously I chose glow in the dark, not obnoxious at all haha

      1. OH it was a SERIOUS glow…I mean think, you hold up glow in the dark stuff to lamps to make it glow, so my cast was just soaking up all that glowing stuff all day long…I had to cover it up with a blanket at night haha

  7. I never knew that running blogs inspired you to start running, that is so neat! I so agree with you on singing, I always said that if I could have ay ability it would be to sing and to be witty, neither of which I have.
    And thank you my dear for the nomination, but mostly for the shout out to my froyo skills 🙂

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