New Twitter Account!

After a lot of pressure from blog friends (*cough* Kristina *cough*), I’ve caved in and now have a Twitter.

Still don’t know how it works and all that jazz, but you can follow me at


and then I can follow you and then we can all be friends.

I’m such a sheep.

If my mom were to ask me, “If Kristina jumped off a bridge, would you?”

My answer would be “Yes, we held hands.”

26 thoughts on “New Twitter Account!

  1. I’m the worst at Twitter! I try, but I always forget! Hope you are a better “tweeter” than me! πŸ™‚

  2. Yesssssssssss OMG you will love it. Twitter is by far and away my favorite social media platform, though I myself just crossed over to the dark side and got an Instagram but still.
    I swear I have searched for you on Twitter like a bajillion times only to remember you don’t have one lol!

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