Weekend Update

Snapshots from the weekend

I still have a couple recaps to give you, but for now…

My mom is trying to make me fat. #imokaywiththat

nothing bundt cakes

Typical Saturday = long run + meet Kyle for bagels. Except this Saturday was a rest day so I walked Sienna to the bagel shop.


She didn’t understand why we had to stop, just so I could take her photo and post it on Instagram. She doesn’t have an iPhone, that’s why. Oh and of course she had to poop about 1/4 mile from the house. I always ask her if she has to poop at home, but I think she likes public restrooms more.

When we got to my house, I offered to cut the bagels. Ladies, let me tell you: The easiest way to get out of doing something- get injured while doing it. According to Kyle, I am no longer allowed to cut bagels. Hmmm how do I get injured while folding laundry??

thumb cut bagel

Why we have to keep all closets shut.

Hehe they can’t see me

And for the Super Bowl, I bought Kyle and myself these shirts. For those of you who don’t know, 49er’s and Seahawks are not BFFs. We like each other like Buddy the Elf likes finger pricks.

49er's shirt

My dad went to his friend’s super fancy house for a Super Bowl party. These people don’t believe in leftovers. What???? Yep. Luckily, where my dad’s shame gene is, he has an additional frugal gene. So we got this beauty. That’s like >$50 worth of fruit people! And they were going to throw it out…

fruit topiary

And finally

kaiser SF half marathon

I ran in the Kaiser SF Half Marathon. Yep, more on that later.

34 thoughts on “Snapshots from the weekend

  1. Congrats, I didn’t know your race happened, that’s awesome (if I could send the emoji of clapping hands I would πŸ™‚ ) Also, I love your dog pic, I NEED a puppy in my life now.

  2. Hahahahahaha I am dying about your finger! Not because I am a bad person, because hurt fingers are the worst,but because I know first hand (get it :))

    I took a chunk out I my index finger Sunday making a delicious slaw for the Super Bowl!

    Otherwise it looks like you had a fab weekend!

      1. I totally missed their pumpkin cake this past fall and was so disappointed! I love the White White Chocolate one. Definitely my next favorite. My friend had them at her wedding and I fell in love, and then I found out it was right across the street from the Whole Foods I started going to when I moved and now I go almost every time I go grocery shopping! For $4, that bundlet is just SO GOOD!

  3. Toothless has started hording his poops. As in, he won’t let them all out at once. This week he has managed to go no less than THREE times per walk. They know what they’re doing to us. Little jerks. Those bundt cakes are worth fatty status! I was all about cupcakes until someone screwed up at work and brought in mini bundts. The cinnamon bundts will forever live in my heart as the best thing to exist outside of heaven.

    1. PAHAHA ohhh Toothless…My dog does a kind of similar thing- when she poops, she moves around. She doesn’t hold it in and hoard it, but she just moves about 6in a couple of times while she poops. So much fun to clean up…Lol the cinnamon are AMAZING!

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