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Snapshots of my weekend

Gluten free dinner on Friday: Kale and a tofu dish. <–Kyle just threw up in his mouth a little bit.

kale dinnertofu dinner

I went to lunch and then the movies on Saturday with my friends from work. Had to bring them some movie candy πŸ™‚


Seeing the weird ways my cat sleeps will always be hilarious to me. In person, she looked like a bunny.


My dog is well behaved, unless trash or food is around. Anyone else have this problem? Reason #283 why we keep the pantry door shut (it has the garbage can and compost bin in there).

trash sienna

Still writing up my recipe for Gluten-free Quinoa “Quiche!” But here’s a sneak peak:

quinoa quiche

Happy Monday and hope y’all had a lovely weekend! I sure did!

Give me an annoying habit of your pet!

Bring your own candy to the movies? Please say yes.

38 thoughts on “Snapshots of my weekend

  1. Hahaha your dog! When Slider was little he liked to shred paper. So weird. He’d take wrappers out of the trash or newspapers off the kitchen table and hired them all over the floor, but he’d touch nothing else. For Christmas, we wrapped his bone in 9 layers of wrapping paper and watched him go nuts opening it. He had more fun playing with the paper than chewing the bone. He grew out of it by about 9 months old but it was both hilarious and annoying.

    1. Pahaha my cat does that, but just when she’s trying to annoy me. (She will literally look at me and do it if I’m not giving her enough attention). But that’s too adorable! He’s like when you give a kid a present in a huge box and they play with the box instead of the toy!

  2. Hahahaha oh my goodness your dog!

    Your cat is absolutely gorgeous! Not even cute, she is straight up beautiful!

    Also, you are a wonderful friend for looking out for your friends, it would be really bad if they got to the movies and didn’t have candy. The valentines theme is the frosting in the cupcake!

    1. Nooo! Hahaha sneaky little devils are working together! When I had 2 dogs, they would work together to steal food too. One time they stole an entire sleeve of bagels from Costco and ate the whole thing by the time we finished unloading the car…

  3. Sneaky movie food is a must! If they would just charge normal human prices for candy and popcorn, they wouldn’t have all us chicks walking in there with our grandma sized luggage-purses. Ryan never says shit about how big my purses are because they easily fit 22’s and bottles of wine. Yes, we are 30 year old frat boys.

  4. the quiche looks good! Annoying thing our pets do? Hmm, well, let me think…I know! One of the dogs likes to eat his own poop and then throw it up inside the house. He seems to puke just about daily. Pleasant.

  5. My dog is notorious for getting into the trash—and I have a huge Newfoundland, so there’s no stopping that girl…ugh, annoying! But I did have a Mastiff who used to go through the cabinets, and we’d come home to food EVERYWHERE!

  6. Oh heck yeah to movie candy. Sour patch kids!

    Um yeah our dog is crazy-psycho. We don’t dare leave food around and also no alcoholic drinks because apparently he likes to hit the sauce. Seriously, one time he got into a mixed drink and ended up hospitalized. He’s not interested in our pop, coffee, or tea for some reason.

    Then we have to make sure our floors are always picked up because he has a thing for marking. That’s the worst part of having a boy dog that learned bad habits from other dogs.

  7. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to read the full recipe!

    Lilly (our dog) has an annoying habit of eating paper towels from the trash can when she gets mad. It only happens every couple of months but when it does the results are disgusting. Paper towels can’t be digested so they usually come back a lot uglier than they were.

    1. Haha oh no! Yes, those darn cats and their hairballs…my cats also vomit if they eat plants. We purposely stick our plants up high and where it is very hard for the cats to get to. But sometimes if we move them and forget, inevitably one of my cats will chew on the leaves and then vomit…

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