Europe Trip, Part 4: Nice

As some of you may know, last January, Kyle and I backpacked through Europe for a month. I have been sporadically posting brief recaps of each city, which you can find here! It’s about time for another one!

After Barcelona, we traveled to Nice with a brief layover in Nîmes, France. We didn’t have much time to explore, but this was seriously right outside the train station.

europe france nimes

Fun Fact: Nîmes is actually where denim originated (its name was shortened from serge de Nîmes).  The one and only thing I remember from high school 😉

europe france nimes

On the train we had a brief encounter with a lovely inebriated woman, whom I chatted with in broken Spanish, Italian, and French (She only spoke Spanish and Italian, but understood a little French. I speak French, but can understand a tiny Spanish and Italian. It was fun. Europe is fun.)

Before you knew it, we were in Nice. As we approached our hostel, a man on the street was playing Moon River on the accordion and we could see the ocean (or is it a sea. I think it’s a sea). I fell in love with the city.

This wasn’t from that same night- but on a separate day, we bought a couple panini and hiked up Castle Hill to watch the sunset. Probably my favoritest pic-a-nic ever.

europe france nice

There aren’t a whole lot of things to do in Nice. Seemed to me like it’s a relaxing vacation spot- great for wandering the streets, chilling at the beach, etc. So we took a day trip to Monaco.

europe france nice

When I become a billionaire, I would like to vacation here. And I will take one of those mega-yachts in every color please. Wait scratch that. I forgot I’m scared of open water and get seasick easily.

europe france nice

We wandered around, pretended we were rich tourists, and saw the Monte-Carlo Casino. Kyle really wanted to play 1 round of Blackjack just to say we did it, but they have a strict dress code…I’m not a gambler (unless you call buying a new flavor of frozen yogurt without a sample first, gambling), but it would be pretty amazing to say you’ve gambled in the Monte-Carlo.

europe france nice

On the way back we stopped off in the cute town, Èze (recommended to us by a lovely Parisian woman). 60-something Fahrenheit and sunny in January. Not bad. Not bad at all.

europe france eze

The rest of our time there was spent wandering around the city. It was a nice break from all the running around we had done in the other cities.

europe france nice

Next stop, Florence!

Have you ever been to Nice?

Would you gamble at the Monte-Carlo Casino if you had the opportunity?

35 thoughts on “Europe Trip, Part 4: Nice

  1. I went to Nice/Monaco for a 4 day weekend when I was living in Annecy 🙂 I got Joe a poker chip from the Monte Carlo to bring home 🙂 It was in the 90s when I was there so lots of time spent on the beaches in Nice and we ended our Monaco day with a late night ice cream sundae at the outdoor restaurant that stares at the front of the casino 🙂 Both places are so much fun!

  2. I am over here about to pass out from jealousy. I’ve never been to Nice. Or Europe at all. These pictures are so unbelievable. What an awesome experience for you guys!

    Florence is on my dream list and I was very close to going over there to study in college, but couldn’t make it work. I’m excited for your recap. 🙂

    Also I get seasick too. No fun.

    1. Haha this was my first trip to Europe- definitely an amazing experience!! Aww Florence was one of our favorite cities! Best pizza I’ve ever had 😉

      Aww seasick sucks! You know the movie Captain Phillips? I tried to see that twice in theatres and got seasick both times lol.

  3. LOOOOOOVVEREE this, it makes my wanderlust (already in full swing) head into hyper-drive!

    I’ve never been to the south of France. Next time I go to France – because I will be back gosh darn it 🙂 – I will absolutely go!

  4. Holy crap Monaco was expensive! I was there for work, otherwise I would not have stayed in Monte Carlo. It was beautiful though. Remember in Shrek when they walk into that town and they were greeted by the little singing machine talking about how perfect and clean the town was? That’s what I thought of Monte Carlo. It was perfectly landscaped and kept. Like Disneyland. Maybe if all us bloggers work really hard and all chip in, we can buy a dingy boat and park our party right next to those yachts. So ratchet LOL

  5. Wow, looks amazing! I haven’t been there, but I have been to your next stop. I’m not much of a gambler, but if in Vegas I sometimes will place a bet on black at the roulette wheel. Easy way to double (or lose) your skrilla.

  6. Sounds like a lovely time. I haven’t been to Europe – It would be overwhelming to choose where to go. Luckily there are so many countries all right next to each other.

    1. That was the hardest part about planning the trip- narrowing down the cities we could go to! I’m so jealous of those Europeans and how they could just hop on a train to a different country! So cool!

  7. My main memory from my trip to Nice was getting really badly sunburnt. Once a day application of sunblock does not work with pale Irish skin. I’m heading to Florence in September so looking forward to your next recap!

  8. My sister and I went to Nice on our sister trip and loved it- we laid out mostly and had on really fun night at a bar recommended to us by a guy working at our hostel and it ended with a dip in Mediterranean sans clothes haha I can’t wait to read about Florence, I loved Florence!

  9. ahhhh, my wanderlust soul loves travel posts so so so much. Nice looks lovely! i’ve only been to Paris (in France), and would love to backpack Europe. keep sharing these!!

  10. I visited Nice a few years ago – it was wonderful! I loved the outdoor farmer’s markets that were set up along the small side streets. A man on an accordion playing “Moon River” in Nice might just be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard haha. And Eze..I love Eze! Provence in general is the most charming area!

    1. Oh wow!! Lol it was super romantic! I felt like I was in a movie! OMG I’m so glad that woman told us to visit Eze. Definitely want to go back and visit other places in Provence, and other regions as well 🙂

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