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I forgot my anniversary…

5/4/2013 was the day I decided to put on my running shoes and attempt to start training for a half marathon. I told Kyle I was going to run 1 direction and just see how far I could go (I was worried about my back). I asked him to pick me up when we were done and then I would take us to breakfast.

I ran 5.11 miles in 49:53 (9:45 pace). I was hooked. I realized I could do it. I could train for a half marathon.

To celebrate my belated running anniversary, I thought it would be fun to do my Liebster Award!


3 amazing blogger friends of mine nominated me! I feel so honored that these lovely, inspiring ladies nominated me. Thank you loves!

Cat’s Mewsings– She just rocked a marathon. Yep. Rockstar.
Blonde Bun Runner– I’ve been following her on IG for a while (she recently started blogging) and have always been inspired by her!
Run Salt Run– Super speedy runner, rock star mama, and hilariously sarcastic

Here are the questions they asked! I apologize if this bores you to tears.

1.  Who/what inspires you daily?

My mom. My mom takes care of everyone around her (myself, my sister, my dad, my grandparents- one has dementia and one has Parkinson’s, her coworkers, etc.) and doesn’t ask for anything in return. I want to be her when I grow up.

2.  What motivated you to start running?

Running blogs actually!!! To be more specific, Skinny Runner (who doesn’t actually blog anymore). I was told that I probably couldn’t run anymore after a bad car accident. Reading blogs with all these inspiring stories about overcoming injuries inspired me to train!

3.  What’s your favorite type of workout?

Strength training with Kyle. Gasp. I know. It probably has more to do with working out with Kyle than the actual workout. Now, how to convince him to run- cause this is how he feels

berkeley half marathon

4.  Most memorable race or event?

My first half marathon (San Jose RNR)!!! The most amazing feeling to set a goal and accomplish it! And with my bestie!

sj rnr

5.  Favorite indulgent snack or meal?

Frozen yogurt. Or candy. Basically any dessert. I have a major sweet tooth. It’s a problem.

frozen yogurt

6.  Upcoming goals?

Run a half marathon in 1:55!!

7.  Favorite mantra?

I can do hard things. Thanks HRG 🙂

8.  What’s your favorite mid-run fuel?

Favorite is probably not the best term, but Organic Honey Stinger Gels. I think they taste better than GU’s because they have a honey flavor. I would much prefer to use a chew (Clif Shot Bloks are delicious) because they taste like candy, but I’m not coordinated enough to run AND chew. I think it would result in me + 1/2 my tongue.

9.  Long-term goals?

Get super fast and run a speedy 1/2 marathon in the 1:30’s (LONGGG way from here). Then possibly tackle the full marathon. We’ll see.

10.  What’s your favorite running gear?

My Garmin. I feel naked without her.


11.  Words of advice for someone starting out?

Start out slow and listen to your body. You don’t want to increase your distance too quickly because you risk injury. Those rest days are there for a reason, and so are those cross training days. You know your body the best and you need to listen to it. Remember to have FUN! Life is too short to have a hobby that you don’t enjoy!

12. What is your spirit animal and why?

Hmm not sure what this means, but I’m obsessed with penguins so I’ll go with penguin?

13. What’s your biggest inspiration–the thing that makes you excited to get up in the morning?

What- IDK. Who- Kyle. He makes me excited to get up in the morning.

14. Which is better–breakfast or dinner? Explain yourself.

Breakfast for dinner. Love me some homemade waffles any time of day.

15. Do you have any pets, and if so, what’s the story of how you came to own them?

Snickers– My kitty. She was my first pet (by that I mean my OWN pet) that I got in 2nd grade after my rabbit died. She’s my buddy and it breaks my heart that she has cancer.


Sienna– My pup. She’s my buddy who follows me everywhere. She likes to run with me, lay in the kitchen while I cook, lay in the bathroom while I shower, sleep in my room, etc. We also snuggle after my runs. We got her when our old dog (no longer with us) needed a buddy.

walk sienna running sienna

Skyler– My baby kitty. She’s deaf and adorable. She gets locked in rooms even when the door is open, she “hides” in the laundry basket with her body hidden and her tail hanging out, she sleeps on the dog bed, she screams bloody murder in the middle of the night when she thinks the family has left her and I have to get out of bed and she jumps into my arms and calms down. I convinced my parents to adopt this pound kitty. Our vet took in 2 kitties about to be euthanized at the pound, spayed/neutered them, and then had them out in their waiting room for adoptions. It worked and we got Skyler.


16. What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to?

Ugh. Can I say Europe? No? Between Florence and Munich (2nd photo is from our Trip to Munich but not actually in Munich).

europe florence

europe germany

17. What is the one thing you’re known for that people tend to ask you about as the “expert?”

Uhhhh. What frozen yogurt flavors go well together?? Idk. I guess my family always asks me nutrition related questions (my major was physiology and metabolism).

18. Run, walk, swim, or cycle?

All of the above EXCEPT for swim. Open water freaks me out. I’ll go with run though 😉

19. What is the single best thing one can eat alongside peanut butter?

Pahaha. See I only love peanut butter on certain things. I love me a PB&J and PB on crackers. WAIT I just remembered that I loved Trader Joe’s PB filled pretzels.

snacks road trip peanut butter pretzels

20. What is the most memorable birthday gift you’ve given or received?

For my 24th birthday my sister gave me a book of letters. She contacted a bunch of my loved ones (aunts, uncles, a couple of Kyle’s family members, my parents), and had them write letters to their 24-year-old-selves. It was like reading their stories, but also listening to their advice- you know, things they wish they would have done, things they’re glad they had done, etc.

birthday present

 21. If the world ended tomorrow, what is the one achievement you’d be the most proud of?

I don’t know that it is one achievement, but I’d be happy to know that I have a boyfriend, family, and friends who love me (and I love them).

22. If someone asked you to recommend a book, which one would you pick out of all the books you’ve read?

Bleh I don’t like this question. This is like asking me to pick a favorite movie, or pet or something. GAHHH IDK! I’ll get back to you.

Okay, now I know I’m supposed to pick other bloggers to nominate, but I hate this part because it’s like picking team members in high school gym class. Someone always feels left out. So instead, I want to try something different!

Please comment and give me a blog you love to read! This way we’ll get a long list of bloggers from all different readers (instead of getting my lame old opinion).

Also, please feel free to answer 1 or all of these questions!!

21 thoughts on “I forgot my anniversary…

  1. Oh I love brinner. I had an omelet tonight! I think we took a picture on that same bridge in Florence. What’s up with all the ‘O’ shortenings? Froyo, yolo, bogo…….

    1. Oh really!!! I remember we wanted someone to take our picture but we were waiting for the right looking couple to take it- sounds horrible but we were worried about theft! We basically wanted the person to look slower than Kyle in a footrace hahaha

    1. Oh man Munich was one of my favorite cities!! I highly recommend the Hofbräuhaus- such a fun experience! We also took a couple day trips. One was from Munich to Dachau (the concentration camp)- a very intense experience but we both are very glad we went. Another was to Neuschwanstein (the castle of Kind Ludwig, also what Disneyland’s castle was modeled after). We were only there for 3 days so there is so much more I wish we could have done! Hope you have TONS of fun!!!

  2. Awwww this made me smile so big! I love, love, love, that you recognized your anniversary of deciding to run a half! I still remember being out on a long run in college and knowing there was a half coming up and saying, ehhh why not!

    How is your kitty doing? I hope she is nice and comfortable!

    You are a sweet daughter, I was a pain in the booty (type A whoops!) to my mom for years and never thought we would be best friends, and now I think the inevitable has happened and I have become her, funny how that happens haha.

    Also, not only do I love that froyo pic because there is froyo in it, but that nail color is fab!

    A great blog? I love Fueled by Lolz – totally different and refreshing demeanor.

    1. HAHA I could totally see you just randomly deciding to sign up for a half! LOVE it!

      Kitty is doing better than our vet expected (knocking on wood right now). She has lost a lot of weight but she’s very happy and comfortable. She loves that basically any time she’s hungry or looks hungry, I feed her.

      LOL noooo I was a huge pain in the butt when I was a teenager!! Basically the end of middle school until senior year of high school I had attitude and thought I knew more than my parents. It is really funny how we come back around and our parents become our friends.

      OMG LOVE Fueled by Lolz! You linked to her blog a little while ago and hooked me!

  3. Awwwww – you make me laugh, you make me cry (not just today:), you make me proud. Glad you found your inner blogger to share your stories/life and oh the great blog friends you have made!

  4. Haha I’m pretty sure you were already a runner if it was exactly 5.11 miles because who else counts the 0.01?? I’m working on getting speedier too but it’s a process plus I’ve been really inconsistent lately!

      1. Haha I always record it all! Thanks to Map my Run and my Garm 🙂 I wish getting speedier (minus injuries) was easier, man, it’s hard work!

  5. Holy crap your first run was 5 miles at that pace? I would have died! Happy belated runniversary to you! I love that ours are so close together!

    You have wonderful answers to all of these. Your fur family is so cute. ❤ I have special love for black cats and I hope that Snickers is doing well. I hate peanut butter, but I actually really like those pretzels (and pretty much anything else you could find in a Trader Joe's). It's the only way I can eat it.

    That birthday gift is so thoughtful and amazing. What a wonderful idea!

    1. Aww thank you!!! I love that our runniversaries are so close too! I need to train harder so I can get speedy like you 🙂

      Thank you so much!! Snickers is doing better than our vet thought she would do (knock on wood) 🙂 I used to HATE peanut butter! For some reason in college I started to like it. My taste buds must have changed because I started to like other things that I used to hate (e.g. sushi, zucchini, dried apricots).

  6. 8. Long term goal is to run the Boston Marathon!
    Loooooved this post and what a great way to celebrate your journey into being a runner 😀
    Also, I kind of love what you had to say about your mom. She really does seem to be full of compassion and love (from a couple of times I’ve seen her, hehe).

  7. This was so fun to read! LOVE that your mom inspires you daily and that your favorite workouts are ones with Kyle.
    open water freaks me out too…I don’t like being touched by seaweed or fish

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