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My first time pacing someone in a race!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope my mommy friends had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Saturday I paced my little cousin Austin in his 5K race. Austin’s twin brother was running in the race too, but Austin realllly wanted to place in his age group (Parker, his brother, is a little bit slower). Luckily my sister, Annie, was there to run with Parker cause I was worried about someone’s feelings getting hurt.

annie austin parker 5k race

His race started at 9AM, so I ran to the school where the race was being held (4 miles away) and got there by 8:50.

He is only 7, so he didn’t know anything about how fast he wanted to run, how fast he typically runs, etc. My aunt told me that in December he ran a 29:xx 5K so that gave me a rough idea. All Austin knew was that he wanted to place in his age group. No pressure Amy. But yes, my pacing job was a guessing game.

We took off way too quickly, but it’s hard to tell a 7 year old who thinks he knows everything that he’s going too fast. We were running at a 7:20-ish pace and I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold that yet. Luckily he started to slow down on his own and we settled into a comfortable 8:20-ish pace. We were definitely at the front of the pack with maybe only 6 kids in front of us. I must say, running in a race where you are one of the tallest runners is fun. And I say one of the tallest because yes, some of those elementary school kids are taller than me.

Austin had a tendency to speed up too fast and then slow down (and repeat). I had to keep telling him that we want to keep a more even pace. I could tell he wanted to catch up to some of the kids in front, but I told him that most of those kids went out too quickly and will slow down- and then we will strike and pass them. I could tell he didn’t believe me, so I was happy when some of those kids slowed way down (is that mean?) and we passed them- see Austin, I know some things. Just some.

3.1 miles flew by. I was having so much fun cheering these little kids on and chatting with Austin. By chatting I mean I was talking and he probably wanted me to shut up. I think we picked a pretty good pace because I could tell he was getting slightly fatigued in the last 0.4 miles, but I knew he had enough gas in him to sprint at the end.

When we got pretty close to the finish line, I started screaming, “GO AUSTIN GO!!! GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!” and I pulled off to the side (They were manually writing down the times for the kids so I didn’t want to confuse anyone by crossing the finish line. Apparently this wasn’t an issue cause most parents crossed with their kids).

Austin finished 3rd in his age group with a time of 24:04!!! And Parker finished 4th (28:xx)!!!

me austin 5k race

He did AWESOME!!! But we were all disappointed because they only gave out medals to the 1st place finishers in each age group. WTF?? I’ve never seen a race do that. Especially to little kids. Lame.

After the race, my mom, sister, and I went to Ike’s for sandwiches! Mine was sooo good- it had shredded (marinated) chicken, tomatoes, avocado, honey mustard, and pepperjack cheese. Which reminds me, I still have half in the fridge. I’ll be back in 20…

ike's sandwich

I kid. We brought the sandwiches home so we could eat outside with the pup. And of course, had to do my post-run snuggling with her.

sienna post run

Sunday was a fun Mother’s Day with the fam! We always go to a Mother’s Day brunch buffet at the country club. No one likes to take me to buffets cause you won’t get your moneys worth with me. I get excited about fruit salad and the cheese platter, but my sis knows how it’s done. She’s like, you don’t get the foods you can eat all the time (and then makes a beeline to the meat stations)! I do know how to eat desserts though.

dessert mother's day brunch

After brunch we took family photos like we do every year, and then my mom and aunt went to get massages.

family mother's day brunch
Fairly certain I like this photo because I appear to be the tallest…gotta love hills.

After their massages, my mom, aunt, Annie, and I went to see The Other Woman. Really adorable and funny chick flick. I love Leslie Mann.

The rest of the evening included dinner and dessert! I made a lemon angel food cake with a strawberry-balsamic sauce and fresh berries on top. Of course I forgot to take a photo…

Ever pace someone in a race?

Ever seen them only give out 1st place medals at a race? I mean come on! They’re kids!

What’d you do for Mother’s Day?

38 thoughts on “My first time pacing someone in a race!

  1. When I coached Girls on the Run the girls would do the same thing as Austin…start out super fast and run really inconsistent paces. We tried to teach them pacing, but they just love to give it everything they have at the start :). The girls all get medals at the end of a race. I’m not necessarily for the “everyone’s a winner” mentality, but running a 5k is a huge accomplishment for a kid! I can’t imagine running a half marathon and finding out that only the winner got a medal.

    1. Ha I was going to say the same thing about GOTR! No matter how many times you explain and practice pacing with 10 year olds, they automatically sprint at the start line. Go Austin and Parker!

    2. Haha yessss those kids just have to go as fast as they can! I don’t really believe in that either, but I think you should give 1-3rd place medals…especially because they did that last year. What a let down for those poor kids!

  2. Great job to both you and Austin!

    I busted my ass trying to place in my age group for a long time, and when I finally grabbed second-place they only gave medals to the AG winners. I was pissed! Haha

    Good thing you peeled off at the finish though…they may have thought you were a student 😉

  3. So cute! Congratulations to you and Austin on a great race! It’s awesome he got 3rd place for his division – I agree it’s uncool they didn’t give him a medal though! I’m sure there will be many more opportunities for him to get one – he’s a little speedster! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you! Haha yes I agree- I think he will be getting medals in the future 🙂 It was disappointing but I guess you can call it a learning experience. Taught him that it’s not about the medal, but doing your best!

  4. Thank you Amy for helping Austin!!! He really was excited about the end result – today at school he was telling the other kids how he came in third place!!! He was obviously very proud of himself…

  5. Come pace my next race! I can’t believe they have only gave out first place medals… That’s mean. At least do top 3!

    1. LOL I’d love to pace your next race (although I don’t think I’d be very good)! I KNOW RIGHT?! Especially give top 3 medals because it’s what they did last year! Those kids were expecting it!

  6. awww, that’s so cute that you paced your little cousin and did and awesome job too! I feel like at a race for elementary schooler’s they should probably have medals for everyone really.

  7. So cute! Congrats to both those little guys 🙂 we are going to run a 5k with my niece and nephews this fall, it will be the first run of any kind for all 3 of them which should be interesting!

  8. Um…. Can I just say that my jaw just dropped that you ran 4 miles and THEN ran a 24:04 5k?! You. Are. Awesome! Way to go to you and both your cousins!

    Also, that dog looks like he seriously loves you. What a cutie! 🙂

  9. First of all, seriously no medal for 3rd?! I am with you, that is so lame. But so awesome that you paced him and a 24min 5K that is awesome. Cyber high fives to you both. Your family picture is so beautiful. What a nice looking family!

  10. Quite a few of the races I’ve run have only done medals for first in age group, but they were races specifically for adults. I definitely think they should have had a 1st thru 3rd place in a kid’s race! He especially deserved it with that speedy time! He’s amazing! Good job pacing him too. You are such a good cousin. 🙂

    Those desserts. Making me hungry. We had brunch on Mother’s Day and then went to the baseball game. And then I ran Betty to the playground in the new stroller. And then we went out to dinner. It was a very full day and I felt like I needed another day off after it. You have such a pretty family! I love that picture! (And you do look so tall!)

    1. Awww thank you!!! Exactly- 1st through 3rd for a kids race is necessary in my book, especially since they did that last year!!!

      Awww your Mother’s Day sounds like so much fun! But yes, incredibly busy haha! Glad you had a lovely day! Aww thank you!! LOL I’m wearing like 4in. wedges and standing on the hill while everyone else is on the down slope…shhhhh….

  11. I’ve never paced anyone in a race! We had a low key mothers day as my husband was away…but I did manage to take my girls out for an ice cream and walk in a park 🙂

  12. Hahaha I am the most annoying racer in the world, if I know someone I am racing with I will happily chat all the live long day!
    You totally win the award for best cousin ever! I think the pressure of pacing anyone would be too much, even and elementary school race! And shoot, that is one heck of a PR! Congrats to your cousin!
    Your dog looks so happy in that picture haha!

    Girl you are the gosh darn opposite of me and my fam at a buffet. Golden Corral most definitely loses money on us haha! It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely mothers day, massages, movies and cake? Yes please!

    1. LOL this is why we have to run together!! I enjoy when people chat with me, but if I’m running hard I won’t respond often (but I still enjoy the chatter).

      Awww thank you!! He did awesome!!

      LOL yes, I think my sister is ashamed of my buffet skills. Now if this was a dessert buffet, I’d most definitely get my money’s worth.

  13. Only giving out first place medals in a race is cruel.. especially to little kids! Most races that I have been to that have a kids division gives medals to all the kids.

    I tried pacing my mom once when she was trying to get a sub 30 minute 5k. I failed miserably. She ended up getting it without me the next race she ran.

    1. LOL thank you!! I need to get y’all to sign a petition for me to give to the race coordinators 😉

      Oh no! Haha it’s definitely difficult! I’ve always appreciated those pacers, but I think I do even more so now!

  14. Very cool and great time! Ha, yes, ALL kids think they can sprint the whole way. They end up sprinting, then walking, repeat. Good to teach him the value of pacing yourself! That is lame about the medals. Once I placed in a race, but they messed up my time and had me not placing, I went to correct them, but then saw the medals were plastic things from Party City, I walked away.
    That sammy looks amazing! I want to put avocado on everything!

    1. LOL it really is a kid thing! All or nothin’! So lame about the medals especially since they gave 1st-3rd last year…

      Oh man what a bummer! I would have been so sad (since I will likely never place haha!)!

      It was! Avocado on everything is the only way to go! 😉

  15. That is so great! The medal thing really stinks though. I tried to pace a girl when I was a buddy runner for Girls on the Run. It was so hard! All she wanted to do was beat her sister. It was more like me chasing her, telling her to slow down! She was one of my students in school, so it was really fun!

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