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Happy Monday everyone! I have been crazy busy lately (work and personal life) and have had no time to post on my blog or even read my favorite blogs. Hopefully this will change this week!

Last week I had some pretty great workouts:

I even got to run with Kyle. For some reason I have lost my motivation to run on weekends. I asked if he wanted to workout together and he suggested a ~3 mile run! I jumped on this opportunity as he hates running. ~3 hilly, sweaty (always sexy when you sweat more than your boyfriend…), awesome miles.

run kyle me

I had some good food:

turkey burger quinoa carrots dinner
(Bunless) turkey burger, quinoa, and roasted carrots

On Friday, my friend reminded me that it was 7/11 and that 7-11 gives out free slurpees. This is why I only become friends with smart people. Right there.

[Instagram] Kyle surprised me with this one to share! He originally told me that he didn’t think he would make it home in time to go.
Oh and a pretty freaking awesome (early) house-warming present from my aunt and uncle. My dog could have crapped in my hand and I still would have been happy cause of this present. You know how people say you shouldn’t give appliances as gifts (mainly applies to spousal giftage)? Yeah well clearly these people weren’t given Vitamix’s.

The king of all blenders and one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I was so sad to move out and not have my parents’ Vitamix to use…problem solved

On to some fun stuff! Last week, a couple of my favorite bloggers nominated me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”


Honestly, I feel incredibly honored to be given an award for being “inspiring.” My goal for this blog was to inspire others to live healthy, happy lifestyles, sooo…

I kid 😉

But seriously, huge thank you to Jenna @ Little Green Running Shoes and Lauren @ Run Salt Run! Even better when I greatly respect these 2 awesome bloggers 🙂

The Rules:
Thank and link to the person who nominated you
List the rules and display the award
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

My 7 facts:

  1. Although I love running now, when I was younger, running the timed mile in PE was seriously one of the worst days of the year for me. I have never been a strong runner, but there’s something great about facing that weakness and working at improving myself.
  2. I love clothes, but I hate shopping for them and putting together outfits. If I could, I would have a stylist who would dress me every day so I wouldn’t have to think about it. And they would know the most flattering fits, colors, etc.
  3. In college I took a fitness bootcamp class 5 days/week. I got up before 5AM to make it to the 5:30AM class. It was awesome and I wish I had the funds to take one again. But man I don’t know how I got up that early. every. day.
  4. I am the oldest cousin (first cousin) in my family. I love it and it can suck all at the same time. I’m a responsible person who likes to take care of people, so the order of birth fit. It’s also great to give advice and hopefully let my cousins learn from my mistakes. That being said, it can suck to be the guinea pig.
  5. I used to weigh myself a lot. My weight would determine how I felt about myself that day. This was stupid for many reasons, but one of them being that my weight fluctuates a lot (especially morning to night) due to water consumption. Once I finally made that obvious connection (weight to mood), I decided to STOP weighing myself and instead, judge my fitness/health by my level of activity, diet, and lezbe honest, how my clothes fit. Now I weigh myself every couple of months (if that) and I’m much happier 🙂 Remember, weight is just a number and it doesn’t really tell you how healthy you are!
  6. If I could have my dream job (remember we’re dreaming here), it would be that I was an heiress to billions of dollars and I would spend my time creating and running charities, rescuing and rehabilitating animals, and baking and bringing treats to hospitals, shelters, and soup kitchens. Oh and blog of course ;). K parents, bring on those billions!
  7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain a lot and blame the world/others for their problems. I’m all about listening to friends’ problems and helping them out (or just letting them vent), but if you’re all talk and no action, you need to shushhhhh. I’m sorry, but if you’re complaining about something you CAN change- you need to go away and come back to me when you’re done.

My nominations (I tried not overlap too much with these girls):

3 Cheap Runners
Candies & Crunches
Candy Crazed Run
The Mile Report
Running In Scrubs
Running Southern
Running on Healthy
Piper’s Run

How was your weekend?

Anyone else get a free Slurpee?

Tell me something random about yourself.

Does it bug you when people complain about things over and over and over again?

31 thoughts on “Inspiring Bloggers

  1. Yey! Congratulations Chica! You have without a doubt become one of my favorite bloggers, and I look forward to all of your posts 🙂

    Clearly you have better friends than I as no one informed me that it was 7/11, but let’s be honest, I am the one most likely to make that connection anyways 🙂

    I am a morning exerciser now, but you get major brownie points for waking up so early every day in college for bootcamp!

    Random Fact: The reason I absolutely cannot STAND Mayo/Sour Cream/Ranch etc is that when I was in 4th grade I had lice. My mom covered my head in may, because nothing can survive being smothered in that junk, and covered it with a shower cap for like an hour. Needless to say, these days, I just. can’t. do it. haha

    1. Awwww right back at ya sister!
      HAHAHA okay I should have posted that photo early and tagged you to inform you 😉
      OMG no wonder!! Ugh that would turn me off of it as well (if I didn’t already hate it). No idea why I hate mayo and sour cream. Just have never liked the taste/texture.

  2. I’ll admit too, I love your blog and keeping up with you on instagram! haha. Thanks for the shout out. I had a great weekend of lots of soccer and sore muscles! Random fact: I’m covered in freckles 🙂

  3. Awwww my lovie, thank you sooo much ❤ I honestly think we are sisters: I hated running all my life *until now that is lol!*, I love nice clothes, but shopping gives me a major headache, I am also the oldest and it makes me mad how easy it was for my yonger brother *I am mean lol!!!*, oh and obsessing about weight is constantly getting better *I won't blame the world 😉 I'll blame rhythmic gymnastics for that one haha!* ❤ Loved learning more about you!!! xoxo

  4. I can’t believe you got up that early in college! I am guessing not too many college students can do that! I used to hate the mile in gym, too! I think it has something to do with being forced to do it. Also, I feel like I wasn’t prepared at all back then. I thought you just sprinted from the beginning. Yeah….great plan.

    1. Haha I have nooooo idea how I used to do it! Totally agree with you- I hated being told what to do haha! And of course I never trained for it. They should really train us to run that before forcing it on us.

  5. I totally missed the free slurpee bandwagon. Oops! It’s been too long. Something random about me – Growing up I could never get a brain freeze no matter how hard I tried. Even in junior high I got a big slurpee and tried to get one but just couldn’t do it. Cold things make me cough instead. Is that strange? :p

  6. Hahaha, I love how you balanced out the healthy meal immediately with a slurpee. And also, what the whaaaa? Thanks for the nomination! I always look forward to your blog posts!!! And yes, sweat does make you sexy (as I’ve demo-ed on my page), plus I sweat more than ANYONE! Are you going to make eggs in your vitamix?

    1. LOL DUHHHHH! I would totally eat a salad with a side of fries. In fact I’ve definitely done that before… #whyidonthaveflatabs
      Back at ya! Your blog always makes me laugh! HAHA I hated how much I sweat when I was younger. Now it’s just annoying cause it gets in my eyes! LOL no Scott. That’s what the Kitchen Aid mixer is for. Remember?

  7. What?! Huge thanks. I absolutely adore your blog and totally understand having to skip posting for a bit. Summer is busy and meant for playing. My posts have been sporadic lately. I feel guilty but also want to enjoy it while it lasts. I also hated running growing up and pretended I couldn’t when my husband wanted to go to the gym when we were dating. Sad……

  8. Thanks lady, you da best! So jealous of your Vitamix, I think my kitchen needs one 🙂 I can’t believe you got up at 5 in college TO WORK OUT, I was lucky if I made it to my 8 o’clock bio class and that was for a grade (re: a lot of times I didn’t make it, whoops)

  9. Loved this post and learning more about you! I used to weight myself all the time too in high school and it would effect my mood. I learned to ditch the scale and just focus on being healthy! Glad to read that like me, there are other runners who grew to love to run!

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