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That time that no one showed up to my party + Mesothelioma Awareness

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This weekend my long run was 16 miles. Ugh. Just saying that number scares me.

To make this run less intimidating (more tips here), I ran with my friend, Shanna, again. She “only” needed to run 13.1 miles, so I ran 3 miles solo and then ran a half marathon with her. We talked about how 5-7 miles used to be our long runs, and now those are our short/medium runs. Encouraging right?

long run garmin

Nothing about that run was easy. I’m fairly certain my legs were still tired from the previous weekend’s run. So, my legs were tired from mile 1. But we got it done. So happy that this coming weekend’s long run is 12 miles. Never thought that I would say that sentence without massive amounts of sarcasm and eye rolling.

I also had a fun PJ brunch with a few girl friends this weekend. On Friday night and Saturday morning, I prepped all the food at our house (I was hosting). I set the table and had everything ready for a fun day of drinking mimosas, eating, and watching Dirty Dancing.

No one showed up…

Where the eff is my iron??
Where the eff is my iron??

After I called my friends and a lot of laughs, I found out the brunch was actually schedule for Sunday (The photo above is from the actual brunch on Sunday. I did not pour 4 mimosas for myself- although I should have…) Yep I went to college…I just missed most of my classes cause I showed up a day late…

On a more serious note, I wanted to share some info with you friends!

If you didn’t know (I sure didn’t), September 26th is the 10th annual Mesothelioma Awareness Day. I was recently contacted by a nice gentleman whose family was affected by this horrible and preventable disease. His wife was diagnosed with mesothelioma 8 years ago, only just having given birth to their daughter. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. She was given 15 months to live, but miraculously survived after extensive surgery (I’m so pleased to report that she is currently cancer-free!).

Rockstar survivor, Heather is on the right.
Rockstar survivor, Heather is on the right. Her amazing family to the left of her (Cameron and Lily)

This amazing family has made it their mission to spread awareness! Here are some facts that I wanted to share with you:


  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is classified as a known human carcinogen, because of its association with mesothelioma.
  • Asbestos is still NOT banned in the US
    • ~30 million pounds of asbestos are still being used in the US
  • Asbestos can still be found in many homes, schools, and commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Asbestos still remains the #1 cause of occupational cancer in the US.
  • This year 10,000 Americans will die of asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer or mesothelioma and 200,000 people will be living with asbestos.
  • No amount of exposure to asbestos is safe.


  • Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer that attacks the lining of the body cavity called the mesothelium. The only known cause to mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.
  • Navy veterans are at the greatest risk to develop mesothelioma as asbestos was widely used in Naval ships and shipyards.
  • Between 2,500 and 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed each year. On average, they are given 10 months to live.

Please join me in spreading awareness! Click here and here for more information.

Have you ever screwed up the dates of a party?

Favorite brunch food- go!

Did you know about mesothelioma before this? Please share the info with your friends and family!

23 thoughts on “That time that no one showed up to my party + Mesothelioma Awareness

  1. I wish I would have been invited to your brunch! We could do our long runs and then you could make me that brunch. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me! Also, awesome job on your run!!!

  2. Aw at least you mixed it up on the day before, not thought it was the day after! Also, this is such a cute idea, I want to copy it!

  3. Ummmmm that must feel darn good to day that your long run in only 12 miles! haha!

    For the record I would have come to your party a day early anyways 🙂

    Thank you for sharing about mesothelioma. To be honest, the only time I ever heard about it was on commercials for class action lawsuits making it come across in a negative light. I feel far more enlightened and educated already!

  4. You have some lucky friends. That brunch looks fantastic. Congrats on the 16. I think that’s their age where you start to feel like a running badass :). Isn’t it funny how your training progresses and suddenly you are excited about a short 12 mile run? I always remind my runners that it shows your training is really working. It helps to think 12-14 miles is totally doable!

  5. Oye that sounds like something I would do. I get my week days mixed up all the time! In your head it was the right day and that’s all that matters! Great work on those long runs, you are slowly but surely convincing me to run a marathon!

  6. Way to spread the word! Nice job! And way to crush that 16 miler! Pretty soon you’ll be glad you “only” have to run 16. Haha! That’s the way it goes.
    I was ready to laugh at you for nobody coming to your party, but then I read it and felt sorry for you. But then I read why nobody came and went back to laughing at you mode. Haha, you’re a hawt mess!

  7. Thanks for sharing about mesothelioma; I had never heard of it.

    I don’t think I’ve ever screwed up the date of a party (at least you didn’t SHOW UP to the wrong house on the wrong day!), but when I turned 18, I threw myself a giant party (haha) and I remember being really nervous about “who is going to come first?? and what if it’s awkward until more people show up???”. Luckily, one of my friends messed up the time and came an hour early! She helped us get the party ready lol

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