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Quarter of a century

I have been absent from the blog world for quite some time now! To tell you the truth, nothing that exciting has occurred. Now that finals are over, I can update you on some of the more exciting things!

My 25th birthday was last weekend (hence the title). I had my last day of class that AM (at 7:30. bleh.) and then began finals week. I made it my mission to forget everything about grad school for that day. It was hard but I think I was successful.

After class ended, Kyle told me to climb back in bed and then he brought me a mimosa and a cat.

birthday mimosa skyler

Awesome way to (re)start the day! I then chatted with my sister (over the phone) until breakfast was ready. Kyle brought it upstairs so I could eat in bed, but we quickly relocated into the dining room after realizing that without a little table, this would be messy. Not about to stain my favorite duvet cover.

omelette breakfast

My ENORMOUS breakfast of an egg white omelette AND crepes. WHATTT? Yeah. I didn’t eat lunch that day haha.

After breakfast and presents (an ice cream/frozen yogurt attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer), Kyle had some errands to run for birthday surprises so I took a much needed nap. Grad school is kicking my ass.

When Kyle got back, we went for a hike on the trail (Martin Canyon Creek Trail) right by our new house! We never got to explore it together (I had gone running on it with a friend) because Kyle broke his leg the same month we moved in.

hike kyle me

And here’s a panoramic shot of the great views!

hike me

After our hike I got to take a nice, long bath while Kyle ate a late lunch. The night ended with a home made meal, cake (duhhh), and a movie (the new Hunger Games movie)! We even managed to score a free popcorn at the theatres which kind of made my day. Movie theatre popcorn is a HUGE deal in my family. When my little cousin was working at the movies one summer, if she didn’t bring home free popcorn, I’m fairly certain my aunt and uncle would have told her to stay somewhere else 😉

The perfect RELAXING birthday. Just what I needed.

I have also had birthday #2 and #3, celebrating with my parents and then Kyle’s family. Pretty lucky girl huh? I’ll end with one of my birthday presents from my aunt and uncle (who clearly get me).

christmas penguin
{Instagram} Bernard and I say hi!


If today was your birthday, what would be your ideal day?

Breakfast in bed- yes or no? YES if I have a table.

Do you like movie theatre popcorn? If not, I will have to reconsider our friendship.

24 thoughts on “Quarter of a century

  1. Breakfast in bed – yes, please! It’s even better with little ones 🙂 An ideal birthday would be first off, not working….but spending the day with my little family, being outside, going for a run and having a little kid free time with my husband!
    Sounds like you had a fantastic celebration(s).

  2. Happy birthday! That sounds like the perfect day. Kyle seems like the perfect guy 🙂 Although I didn’t know he broke his leg. I am glad he is better because that trail looks awesome. How perfect to live right by it! I have never had breakfast in bed but I would definitely prefer it at a table. I used to have a roommate who ate every meal in bed and spent every hour at home just hanging out in her bed. I have no idea how she slept at night!

  3. happy belated birthday, you young one, you. 🙂 sounds like a lovely day. that hike looks gorgeous. any day that starts with mimosas, includes an outdoor activity and your fave person and ends with relaxation sounds pretty perfect to me.

  4. What a wonderful day! I may disagree on the day of, but last year I ran a half marathon on my birthday and looking back, while it wasn’t relaxing, it certainly was fun!

  5. I’m so eager to do that trail too- Ash and I did part of it after painting one day- need to go further this next time! Happy Birthday!!!

  6. That sounds like an awesome birthday! You sure picked a winner. He treated you just right. That trail looks beautiful by the way!

  7. Happy happy happy birthday L! I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day even with a 7:30am class!

    I hope you get a little bit of a break over the holidays from school where I am super inspired by you going to school and working that is something that really intimidates me about getting my MBA.

    Also, clearly your aunt and uncle are some of the best because that gift is … Ballin!

  8. Sounds like a great day and welcome back. Yes to breakfast in bed, may have to reconsider our friendship I don’t usually eat a lot of popcorn so I think I’m out on the popcorn front. Perfect day for me would probably be similar to yours with lots of food, fun and some exercise so I could enjoy all the food! 🙂

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