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Things I’m Loving Friday

Soooo sooo happy it’s Friday! It’s been a long week and now I just wish finals were over! Then I get 1 week of “freedom” and then my next quarter starts *insert shedding of tears*

Anyways, I wanted to put a positive spin on a dark time ( 😉 I think I will always consider finals week a “dark time”). Here are a few of my favorite things *sung like Julie Andrews*

(1) Fresh, organic eggs from someone’s (who you know) chickens >>> store bought eggs


These eggs are from Kyle’s family. Aren’t they gorgeous! I swear they taste better AND they make me feel so much better because I know how the chicks are raised.

So last night Kyle and I had brinner. I made my Hash Brown Quiche, but made it spicy/Mexican style and substituted in leftover taco meat for sausage 🙂

(2) Cordskinz


What are Cordskinz you ask? They are these really amazing covers for your earphones that prevent tangling! I use my earphones ALL the time for grad school. I’m constantly taking them from home to work and back, and of course they get tangled in my purse. Not with Cordskinz. They easily slide on over the earphone wires and you can barely tell that they are there (unless you go with the brighter colors!).

That little blue thing helps to EASILY feed the Cordskin over the earphone wire

So nice to just throw my earphones into my bag and not wind them up neatly. I mean, I’m a little OCD so sometimes it makes me happy to see a neatly wound bundle of earphones 😉 but most of the time I’m just in a hurry and couldn’t care less. I’ve even fallen asleep (in bed) with them on and I wake up and they are on the floor, untangled. And I promise, I’m a roller- just ask Kyle. See, hard to tell that something is on my earphones right?


(3) iOttie

I’m in LOVE with this thing. If you couldn’t tell, the iOttie (this is the one I have- and many of my family members have) mounts your phone in your car.

My mom originally bought this for my little sister when she moved down to SoCal for school. She knew she would be driving everywhere and needed to be hands-free. It works soooo well that I ended up purchasing one for Kyle’s brother when he became a realtor. All that driving to random locations and conference calls! Now a few of Kyle’s family members have one (including Kyle), and I think everyone in my family has one.

It’s SUPER easy to use. It never falls off the dashboard, never drops the phone, never moves unless you move it. I’ve heard that other brands make it cumbersome to insert/remove your phone. Not this thing. Also, for some reason my first iOttie started acting up a few months in (my phone would slowly droop). I emailed the company and without question, they shipped a new one. I just love great customer service!

(4) G.H. Bass & Co. Clogs

Okay. These are going to get me some judgy stares and laughs. Rightfully so.

But remember a while ago I told y’all that I don’t stand properly and have horrible feet that will ruin my knees if I don’t get better footwear and work on standing? So, I was on the hunt for house slippers that have great arch support and that DON’T cost an arm and a leg. I mean, if I’m going to buy hideous slippers that will ONLY be seen in my home, I did not want to spend $$$.

And then I found the G.H. Bass & Co. Corrine Clog. on sale for $19.99 (I bought mine in black). Super comfortable. Great arch support for my over-pronating feet. Fugly. They made me miss all of my adorable fuzzy slippers. But hey, they promote my proper stance and I won’t be wearin these in public…

Have you had fresh eggs before?

Do you use earphones and do they get tangled?

Do you have house slippers? Are they cute or comfortable? I’m convinced it’s one or the other.

I am not a brand ambassador for any of these brands/products. I did receive Cordskinz in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

7 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Friday

  1. I need one of those things for my phone!
    I also LOVE Cordskinz. I have to get my review up next week! I finally got around to using them after totally freaking out and throwing my headphones across the room the other day when they wouldn’t untangle. (And they are Yurbuds so they are supposed to not tangle up. Fail.)

    That’s so cool that you have access to those fresh eggs. I never thought of it from the standpoint of knowing how the chicks were raised! (That’s adorable.)

  2. I wear moccasins around my house…though in the winter, I was wearing fuzzy “boot-like slippers” (I’m sure they have a real name) and tucking my pants into them….haha I’m 100% sure your clogs are cuter than that was.

  3. My headphones are always tangled as well because I take them everywhere, lord forbid I take a walk without music! I need something that keeps my ear buds on the headphones, maybe I should just glue those darn things on. All of my yurbuds are multicolored because I steal the extra earpieces from other pairs to make a complete pair when I lose them.

    My slippers are not attractive and I now wear them to swim practice because A:who cares, and B: the men who work at the dive taco shop my husband and I go to after swim for date night don’t judge!

  4. Oh my gosh – okay the only thing I mess about one of the places that I had to live for a while for work is the farm fresh ads! I was literally talking about this today at work. It was very rural and like everybody had chickens, and man are fresh eggs so much better ha ha!

    Oh my goodness gracious I can’t believe you only have a one off week! Good luck with your finals it sounds like you are doing amazing things with your grad degree 🙂

  5. I used to have a pair of clogs pretty similar to those! They are so comfortable! Sometimes it is important to choose comfort over style. 🙂

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