My first Indian Wedding Experience

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend and (if you’re American) took some time to remember those who died serving our country.

My weekend started out with the usual 6:30 AM class followed by an easy 6.5 mile run. The first 2.5 miles of this easy paced run were not so easy because I had to pee and I knew how far the next available restroom was! I’ve never hated elastic-waist pants so much.

Later that day, Kyle and I went to my friend’s wedding! It was our first time at an Indian wedding. Soooo cool to see all the culture and traditions! He arrived on a horse, and she arrived in a horse-drawn carriage!

indian wedding

My friend told me that saris weren’t necessary, but highly encouraged! I was pretty excited to wear one! Here we are on Saturday for the ceremony (Sunday was the reception = excuse to wear 2 different outfits 🙂 )

indian wedding sari

After a long day on Saturday, Sunday I didn’t feel hydrated enough to do my typical long run. Instead, Kyle and I went on a 25 mile bike ride and I discovered 1) I hate the wind and 2) I hate my bike from middle school. Yep, it’s that old. Time for an upgrade.

bike ride

After we got back and cleaned up, it was time for my friend’s wedding reception!

indian wedding reception

Just like on Saturday night, I was trying not to drink too much to avoid having to pee! Those saris are not easy to work with!

indian wedding sari

I was told that it’s pretty common to help each other out in the restroom at Indian weddings. Thank goodness! 2 events later and I still don’t know how to drape a sari. If all women were as helpful as the women in the restroom, we would rule the world. Just sayin’.

Such a wonderful experience and I felt so honored to be invited! Doesn’t the beautiful couple look like royalty?

sheb and raj wedding

How do you distract yourself when you have to pee while running?

Are you comfortable on a bike? NOOOO! I like my feet to make frequent contact with the ground, thank you.

Have you ever worn a sari?

Coolest wedding you’ve ever been to?

3 thoughts on “My first Indian Wedding Experience

  1. Nice week! Maybe too much info, but when I have to pee when running, I find a discrete location and just go. Ha! I have a road bike so I’m very comfortable on my bike, and usually (when not in the middle of marathon training) average 100+ miles per week, but if I were using my bike from middle school I wouldn’t even be riding 10 miles per week – so you are hardcore in my book, sister!!

  2. Wow, I’d love to go to an Indian wedding! You look beautiful, and so does the bride!
    Sooo having to pee while running is the worst feeling. If I’m on any sort of trail, I usually just find a spot and go (sorry TMI)
    I like biking, but I HATE biking on roads because I always feel like cars hate me (which is probably true) and I feel like I’m going to get run over

  3. What an awesome weekend. How fun to attend an Indian wedding and get to dress the part. Their weddings look so incredibly beautiful and fun. By the way, you’re speaking my language with running and having to pee these days. I start to panic sometimes and start looking for places to hide behind if I must!

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