Little tiny bugs that destroy my wallet

Right now I’m in the middle of finals, so obviously I’m procrastinating like it’s my job. Kyle and I keep waiting for a calm weekend, but we don’t have one for at least a month!

My half marathon is this coming weekend (yikes)! Didn’t train as hard as I would have liked to so I’m not expecting a PR. Just going to try hard and have fun! Saturday I had my last long run for this training cycle.

run path

It was something over 10 miles, but I have no idea because my watch died. It was supposed to be an easy run, but towards the end of the run when I got the low battery warning, I tried to pick up the pace to finish before it died. Anyone else do that? Or are you smart enough to charge your electronics…

Sidebar- I’ve decided that after this half marathon, I want to stop focusing on running and focus on strength training for a few months. Whaaat? Before you freak out, I will still do a few runs throughout the week so I don’t lose most of my endurance, but I want get back to strength training.

Before I became a runner, Kyle and I used to go to the gym a ton and lift weights. I miss that and given my current schedule, I just don’t have time to focus on both. I’m hoping I can convince him to do P90X with me 🙂

Like I said- I’m not quitting running. Just taking a break for a few months.

Later on Saturday, Kyle and I went to a wine party at our neighbors’ house. It made me feel so grown up, until my eyes immediately gravitated towards the cookie plate like a 5 year old. BUT I was a big girl and I didn’t touch them because…

after the party, we went to dinner to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. And there was cake. Because it’s not a birthday without cake.

cake dessert

Oh, and low point of Saturday- I was in class and dropped my pen on the floor. When I reached down to grab it, I noticed a weird pile of black shavings (kind of looked like coffee grounds). I told Kyle later and he took a look at it. Termites. Fun. Oh the joys of homeownership. Because with grad school and house payments, I really wanted to spend money on little tiny bugs that like to eat my home.

On Sunday, Kyle and I woke up early to drive to Sacramento where we were picking up tires/wheels for his car. Yeah…I don’t ask with his car projects anymore. I just say, “Yes dear. Want some company?” 😉

kyle tires sacramento

After tire pickup (never thought I would say that sentence), we went to the restaurant that my parents are investors in. I forgot to take photos of our food like a good blogger, but here’s one from the last time we went.

dessert mango sorbet

We ordered so much food, I know the chef was judging us.

We didn’t have much time to spend in Sac, but we at least got to walk through this pretty park.

me kyle sac


And the rest of my day was spent meal prepping for the week and doing homework.

Do you like running or strength training more?

Are you a birthday cake person? Kyle is indifferent about it- that was almost a deal breaker 😉

Have you ever had termites? I hope not…

12 thoughts on “Little tiny bugs that destroy my wallet

  1. hiiii girl! such a bummer about the termites — hopefully you guys get that handled quickly. i would NOT do well with bugs (big baby). hope you enjoy getting back into strength training! i’m a fan as well, although running has always had/will always have my heart. i’ve never done P90X but would certainly give it a whirl. and i’m actually not a cake person at all — never have been — and would choose dark chocolate or an oatmeal cookie any day. 🙂

  2. I love both for different reasons, but I totally understand wanting to put running on the back burner for a bit and focus on other things. Helps keep from getting all burned out. 🙂
    I have to say that I kind of agree with Kyle…I could really take or leave birthday cake. On my own birthday I would rather just have plain angel food because I’m boring. 🙂

  3. I totally dig cake! Since I’ve been gluten-free, I’ve missed it. I still haven’t gotten off my lazy bum to actually make one that I CAN eat. And sorry about the termites! Good luck on finals!

  4. Good luck with the half! You’ll do great. I did exactly the same thing yesterday – was on a 10 miler, forgot to charge my Garmin, got the low battery warning at mile 5. Somehow, it made it! Ugh, so sorry about the termites!

  5. I LOVE CAKE but Ryan’s doesn’t like it. These guys seriously need to meet.
    Good luck with the half! I think it’s good to change up the workout routine once in a while, and strength training is the way to go. Update us on your workouts (or if you decide to do P90X) because I’m always looking for new strength training ideas (and motivation)

  6. I’m going to be a contrarian. I swim. I like pie. We’ve gratefully avoided visible termites (but we know that if we would ever sell, it would be a problem)

  7. That cake! Omg! 😉 🙂
    I love strength training but I know it’s hard to fit in running and strength training. I strength trained to cross train from running and sometimes I wonder if I run to cross train from strength training….I know if I backed down on one I could probably focus on the other and start hitting some goals but I just love them both – like cake and icecream 😉 enjoy the half marathon! You’ll ace it!

  8. Termites are disgusting! I always worry about them at our condo since I know the trees outside have them just outside the door (thanks to a biology project I did), but our condo covers the exterminator… So hopefully their services work! I LOVE lifting and felt the same when I started running before- never time to focus on both. But I like lifting more, so in the end, that always wins for me!

  9. Soooo Yeah…. why does that always seem to happen with Garmins haha. I feel like mine never picks up a signal when I have a really good run.
    I love, love, love that you are focusing on strength training! I didn’t work out at all when I was in Peru and the one thing I am craving… strength! My muscles totally miss feeling powerful.
    Ugh I am so sorry about the terminates, my parents are dealing with that on our back porch right now, seriously no fun.
    At first thought, a guy not liking cake would be a major deal breaker but then… more for me 

  10. Termites stink! We have had ant issues in our house every year and mice too. That’s what happens when you have a lake house in the woods! Year ago my roommate got a subletter for the summer and he left us with bed bugs. Now that was gross! Totally understand taking a break from running. You know running is my thing but I also love my strength training. There is just never enough time in one day for everything!

  11. I love birthday cakes and get to make one for my daughter next week (she’ll be 5!). I feel like I’ve had a 6 month break with running (even though I did a little running) but am so ready to start racking up the mileage again. HOWEVER, this time around to avoid injury again I’m going to focus more on strength training (T25 etc.).

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