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Inspiring Bloggers

Happy Monday everyone! I have been crazy busy lately (work and personal life) and have had no time to post on my blog or even read my favorite blogs. Hopefully this will change this week! Last week I had some pretty great workouts: I even got to run with Kyle. For some reason I have lost… Continue reading Inspiring Bloggers

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I forgot my anniversary…

5/4/2013 was the day I decided to put on my running shoes and attempt to start training for a half marathon. I told Kyle I was going to run 1 direction and just see how far I could go (I was worried about my back). I asked him to pick me up when we were… Continue reading I forgot my anniversary…

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Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- in award form

Man, you ignore blogging from Friday through Monday and you feel like you were in a coma for a month. Is it weird that I feel like I have to read every single post? I won't be satisfied until those posts are grayed out on Bloglovin. Anyways, I was nominated for a couple of awards… Continue reading Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- in award form