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Being part of a team and my one picture

How many of you ran yesterday (National Running Day)?? We ran (barely) 0.8 miles to a playground, did some pull-ups, dips, push-ups, etc. Then ran home. Only, we started running and about 20 feet, and then my knee started unfortunately my National Running Day celebration wasn't very glamorous. Not how I wanted to celebrate… Continue reading Being part of a team and my one picture

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Team Ignite! + 2 Songs

Happy NATIONAL RUNNING DAY everyone! Pretty excited to run this afternoon. And then run a tiny bit with Kyle + strength workout (he hasn't agreed to the running part yet...) No workout on Tuesday. Decided to give the ole knee a rest and just move my rest day from Friday to Tuesday. Now, I'm super excited… Continue reading Team Ignite! + 2 Songs