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Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

Whoops! Did you know that May is Physical Fitness and Sports Month? Guess I’m late to the party. Is being fashionably late still cool? I was recently contacted by a lovely representative from They wanted me to write a post on how I stay active while on travelling. Since I love to travel AND… Continue reading Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

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6 Places

Wednesday WORKOUT: None. Yep. I hate writing that because it feels embarrassing, but it's the truth. I was going to run home after work but I feel like my knee is finally making progress so I decided to hold off on the run. I spent some quality time with the stick roller. Oh and I made some… Continue reading 6 Places

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Travel Tips: Pre-trip planning and things to do while abroad!

Many of you know that I went backpacking through Europe for a month with my boyfriend (you can read here). We saw so much, and learned so much about travelling and each other. I am known to be a major stress ball, so doing my research beforehand helped tremendously. The key is to be prepared!… Continue reading Travel Tips: Pre-trip planning and things to do while abroad!