Travis Harrell- Best Man
travis kyle
Travis and Kyle have known each other since 1989, when Kyle barged in on the Ashley-Travis duo. Bonding over their love of hiking, camping, backpacking, and talking in weird voices, Kyle was quickly accepted as the big baby brother. Kyle is excited to have his brother with him on the big day, probably cracking jokes and making weird noises to help him calm his nerves.


Mark Hoyt- Groomsman

Mark and Kyle have been close friends for almost as long as they could talk. Between family vacations and going to school together, from grades K through 12, these two were inseparable. Mark and Kyle could often be found barreling down a mountain on skis, camping, backpacking, fishing, cycling, hunting, and getting into trouble with potato canons. Unfortunately, Amy and Kaitlyn (Mark’s wife) have ruined their childhood dream of moving to Truckee to be painters.

Keith Gellerman- Groomsman

Keith and Kyle have known each other since tearing up the 10U soccer field together. They became fast friends growing up in the same neighborhood, only a couple minutes apart. They rode bikes every day to elementary and middle school, and could be found eating Keith’s parents out of their home after class. Since growing up (in size, not mind) the two continue to brew beer together and quote the best in 90’s cartoons.

Drew Flack- Groomsman

Drew and Kyle met when Kyle still played sports other than baseball (they were on the same basketball team). Going to school together from middle to high school and living in a small town, these two liked to test the boundaries of normal human curiosity. From sneaking on to golf at Round Hill, testing their luck as pyros, and dumb mischief in between, these (now) engineers can count themselves lucky to be in one piece.