The Proposal



The Proposal

November 21, 2015

Long ago, Kyle decided on Mt. Diablo as the location to ask Amy to marry him. It has been a big part of their relationship- first “pre-date” (ya, it’s a thing), trips up when it snowed, hiking, biking, etc. The only trick- how to get Amy there without raising her suspicions (A while back, Kyle hinted to Amy that she would be engaged before she turned 26. Her 26th birthday was in December…)

The week of November 21st, Kyle casually asks Amy if she wants to go out to dinner with his parents on Saturday after picking them up from a hike on Mt. Diablo and afterwards, they would all go out to dinner. She looks at him with that look only women can give their significant others (the “are you f-ing kidding me look”). One “minor” detail of this story- Amy and Kyle were hosting their first Thanksgiving for 32 people in about a week.

Kyle convinces her that it would be an early dinner and they would be back by 8 PM. He also adds that they can “take their Christmas card photo” while they are up there *wink wink*. She hesitantly agrees, thinking 2.5 hours away from home would be fine. 

That Saturday, in the midst of the Thanksgiving prepping chaos, Kyle mentions to Amy that they have to leave at 3:30 PM to pick up his parents. Kyle wanted to make it up to the summit for sunset.

[insert Amy’s mini freak-out moment]

Amy tells Kyle that he should just go pick up his parents and go to dinner. She has too much to get done but he should at least spend some time with them. Kyle spends 30 minutes convincing her to go.

At around 3:00 PM, Amy starts stressing out again and tells Kyle there is no way she can go.

[insert Kyle’s mini freak-out moment]

For some reason, Kyle won’t let it go and starts getting oddly stressed out ;). Kyle actually sneaks outside at some point to call his mom and Amy’s mom to ask for advice. Eventually, Kyle convinces Amy to go but realizes that he would have to nix the “Christmas card photoshoot” (originally planned to capture the moment), along with making it all the way to the summit by sunset.

Fast forward to Kyle and Amy barreling up Mt. Diablo. About half-way to the summit, Kyle tells Amy that this is the meeting spot, and they should “take a quick picture” while waiting for his parents. Luckily, a car pulls off right behind Kyle and Amy because their car had overheated. Kyle asks the couple to take his and Amy’s photo. After the photo, Amy runs to the car to grab her jacket. Meanwhile, Kyle quickly inconspicuously explains the situation and asks the couple to record the proposal. Upon Amy’s return, Kyle tells her that the first photo didn’t come out well so they are retaking the photo.

Kyle and Amy pose for the photo, but Kyle starts talking to Amy. Amy laughs and tells Kyle he is being rude because the lady is supposed to take the photo (and he’s talking). Kyle continues to talk and asks Amy when was their first trip up to Mt. Diablo. She explains that it was about a month before they started dating, and Kyle interjects that that trip was when he knew he wanted to be with her. And then…

Amy would like to add that she looks serious but she was actually crying happy tears
Amy would like to add that she looks serious but she was actually crying (happy tears)

After a lot of crying (Amy) and the obvious acceptance of the proposal, Kyle and Amy head over to his parents’ house because “they are all going out to celebrate.” When they arrive, Amy opens their door only to have Kyle’s family and her family jump out to surprise her, yet again!