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All I do is eat.

I took this whole 3-day weekend thing to heart and kind of neglected my blogging. Woops. Since I was gone, here's part of my weekend recap! Friday at work, we had a party to celebrate a company milestone. My table took eating and drinking seriously. A buttload of sparkling wine to toast. And to undo… Continue reading All I do is eat.

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I only have smart friends. And I like big boxes.

Tuesday for lunch, my friend Stephanie (who is a newly wed!!) took me out to lunch for my birthday at Simply Greek. And then she made the brilliant decision to take me to get frozen yogurt at Blush. <-- I only have smart friends 😉 Guess which one's mine? Duh, the one with sour gummy… Continue reading I only have smart friends. And I like big boxes.

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Weekly workout and birthday recaps!

This week's WORKOUT recap (FYI each day also included the 30 day thigh challenge workout): Monday: Stretch and strength training. Nothing that exciting. Tuesday: Jogged 3 miles. Supposed to be at an easy pace, however I had to speed up towards the end because the sun had set. When people cannot see how mismatched your… Continue reading Weekly workout and birthday recaps!