2 different ways to cook with salsa

Came home feeling sick on Monday and not feeling hot today, so still working on a recap of my weekend trip to Tahoe. For now here are 2 ways I like to use salsa. And no, there's no dipping of chips. Salsa is a great way to lighten up dishes and add tons of flavor.… Continue reading 2 different ways to cook with salsa

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Thanksgiving #2 (of 3) Recap

Yup. On to Thanksgiving #2. You can read about #1 here. The day after Thanksgiving was spent with my mom's side of the family. Instead of cooking a whole feast again, we took my grandparents out to sushi. You know, the food of the pilgrims. One thing I'm thankful for- my sister got a new… Continue reading Thanksgiving #2 (of 3) Recap

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Pizza Muffins & Garlic Quinoa with Roasted Pine Nuts (Gluten free and Vegan friendly)

So I haven't been able to run since Wednesday of last week (out of commission for not even a week yet), and it feels like an eternity! I feel like I am losing strength and gaining weight, but I realized I have only missed 4 runs including today...dramatic much? My shin is definitely moving in the right direction, but still not ready to run. On to the fun stuff! Last night I made a feast for Kyle's birthday. I've already posted the Pizza Muffin recipe here. These are pretty darn amazing, so definitely try them out!