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Quick shopping trip and delicious pizza

So I missed my 3 mile run on Thursday because it was my mom's birthday (not complaining, just stating a fact). I thought about doing that run on Friday (my normal rest day), but this is how my day went: Got to work around 7. Did worky things. Lunch around 12:30 because I was busy… Continue reading Quick shopping trip and delicious pizza

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Whining Wednesday

Check it out! I got an email for the San Jose Rock n' Roll Half Marathon, and this will be this year's finishers medal. I'm starting to get really excited (and nervous)! About 1.5 months away! Another thing I am getting nervous about (NOT excited)- the GRE. I signed up to take it again September… Continue reading Whining Wednesday

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Congratulations Nordstrom, Happy Anniversary!

My sister said one of the best ways to get over a test is to go shopping. I didn't want to offend her by not listening to her advice, so yesterday my mom and I hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I realized I don't actually like shopping, I just like getting new stuff. Tip for you cranky sales associates (yesterday), if you don't like dealing with customers, find a new job and/or pull the stick out of your butt.