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In one year…

Whoops. I just looked at the last time I blogged and it was in January... Some things have changed (exercise-wise) since then, and I am actually NOT getting back into running. Kyle and I decided to join a gym (back at the end of January). We used to lift weights together back in college, and… Continue reading In one year…


My first Indian Wedding Experience

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend and (if you're American) took some time to remember those who died serving our country. My weekend started out with the usual 6:30 AM class followed by an easy 6.5 mile run. The first 2.5 miles of this easy paced run were not so easy because I had to… Continue reading My first Indian Wedding Experience

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Attending the Wedding

Since I am the oldest cousin in my immediate family, I got a lot of the "for your wedding, you should..." comments. Example sentence, wait let me set the scene. We are all standing in a long line, unknowingly waiting to sign the guest book. Ok, sample sentence: Amy, for your wedding, you should have 2 lines with 2 guest books with signage so people know why they are in line. Thanks Uncle Jeff.