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In one year…

Whoops. I just looked at the last time I blogged and it was in January…

Some things have changed (exercise-wise) since then, and I am actually NOT getting back into running. Kyle and I decided to join a gym (back at the end of January). We used to lift weights together back in college, and we were missing those workouts (he hates running).

Which brings me to my next topic- the reason for joining a gym (other than increasing fitness, improving health, increasing strength, blah, blah, blah) we have a certain event that we want to look our best for…

In exactly one year from today, I will be marrying the love of my life!

2015-12-12 17.59.25-1

Nothing like a wedding dress and fitted suit in front of 100+ people to motivate you to drop a few lbs πŸ˜‰

So that running- With work, school, wedding planning, and gym workouts, training for a long distance race just wasn’t in the cards for this year. Weight lifting it is!

I should mention that I’m still running, but instead of sticking to a training plan, I go for shorter runs (2-7 miles) on some of our “off” (gym) days. It’s nice not having to stick to a running schedule and just run for fun!

Happy 1 year pre-anniversary Kyle! (that’s a thing, right?) πŸ˜‰

Do you prefer running or weight lifting?

7 thoughts on “In one year…

  1. Happy pre-anniversary love! I’m honestly so happy for you! I remember my own year of wedding planning. It was a bit stressful but also magical and the big day is something REALLY BIG to look forward too! ❀ PS. Running for your own enjoyment is the best! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. How exciting is this?! I love seeing your blog show up in my feed. And girl…..that pic of you two is amazing. Why can’t my curls come out that cute?! I’m all wild hair lady these days. I’m so excited for you. There is plenty of time to run if you wish. instead, enjoy your time planning your wedding and lifting with your groom!

  3. aww i hope this year is so fun and rewarding for you two! love that you’re getting into a “one year fitness plan to look amazing on wedding day” routine together! sounds like you’re at such a healthy place in re: to running and working out, and enjoying it rather than feeling obligated. i’m def much more of a runner but i DO enjoy strength workouts and boot camps a lot, and i’d do more classes if it didn’t make me so sore for running.

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